What NYC Has That Nowhere Else Does

What NYC Has That Nowhere Else Does

If it’s one thing you learn while living in NYC it’s that there are so many things that you can experience here that you simply can’t anywhere else in the world. A pizza place may say they have NYC-style pizza, but the truth is that nothing beats an authentic NYC pizza. We’re going to take a look at just a few of the things that NYC has that nowhere else does.


Nothing beats a true Broadway show, and if you’re a New Yorker, it’s easy to take it for granted but be sure to check in often to see what’s showing. Broadway has seen some of the world’s biggest stars pass through it, including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Radcliffe, so you never know who you’re going to get a chance to see live.

The Statue of Liberty

Overlooking NYC from her post on Liberty Island is the Statue of Liberty. She’s a constant reminder for those living in NYC of the American way of life and the sacrifices that have been made to maintain that way of life. If you haven’t paid the Statue of Liberty a visit yet, be sure to do so as it’s certainly something that you can’t find anywhere else.

Central Park

More than just a green place where you can go on a picnic, NYC’s Central Park is 843 acres of land where you can find the Central Park Zoo and where a number of activities are held throughout the year, including fireworks displays, ice skating, concerts, and sporting events. No matter how long you’ve been living in NYC, there’s always something new and fun to do in Central Park.

Greenwich Village

Known by New Yorkers simply as “the Village,” this neighborhood has meant a lot of things to a lot of people throughout the years. In the 1960’s it was known for being the birthplace of counterculture movements, and now it is known for being the cradle of the LGBT movement. It’s also home to two NYC colleges, the New School and New York University (NYU).

The Metropolitan Art Museum

Most often referred to as “the Met,” this massive museum was first established back in 1870 and has since housed artwork from around the world going back over 5,000 years. Their exhibits can be found in three distinct locations and as they’re always bringing in new exhibits, there’s always something new to see. If you’re living in NYC, getting a membership will let you in for free as often as you want.

Empire State Building

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget this one; we were just saving it for last. After all, it is one of the 7 wonders of the world, and certainly one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about NYC. This 102-story building is primarily made up of office spaces, but the top 16 levels are the Art Deco towers. If you’re living in NYC and haven’t gone up to the observatory at the top of the Empire State Building by now, what are you waiting for?

Best Summer Clothes Shopping In NYC

Summer Clothes Shopping In NYC

Sandals break, shorts go out of style, and your favorite summer hat gets borrowed once, twice, and it’s gone. Whether you are replacing lost loves or you need a summer clothing do-over, here is a list of the best places to go for summer clothes shopping in NYC. So, guys and gals, take your roommate along, turn it into a weekend outing, and enjoy the free AC.


H&M has tons of summer choices that will keep you cool and stylish. H&M’s practical yet fashionable designs are a testament to the fact that you don’t have to suffer for fashion. They have a complete selection for men, women, and kids. They’ve also got sportswear for anyone running from shade to shade in Central Park. With 1,000 new summer arrival items, there’s bound to be something exciting that you haven’t tried yet. They have 39 locations in NYC alone, so wherever you live, they’ve got a store reasonably close by.

In Support Of

A brick and mortar shop in a meat-packing district might not catch your fancy as a place to go for fashion. But In Support Of is a unique store where up-and-coming fashion designers can showcase their latest designs, and the money goes to various charity organizations and causes. And don’t worry. The meat-packing district is just the origin-story of this heroic fashion center. The store was actually relocated to 250 Elizabeth Street in Nolita in downtown NYC so you won’t have to remember which bag has the cute summer hat and which one has the meatloaf.

Century 21

Century 21 is famous for sample sales and offers greatly discounted prices on a host of summer items. Clothes for men, women, and kids abound. Lots and lots of accessories are up for grabs at prices lower than you might think. They’ve got a surprising number of tech choices too. Film your BFF’s beach misadventure with a new camera or jam to your summer tunes with stylish and comfortable new headphones.

Barney’s New York

If you’re looking for designer goods, try Barney’s in downtown New York. Reopened in 2016, this beautiful store has a restaurant called Fred’s built in. So you can literally shop all day. They cater to women, men, and kids, so nobody has to feel left out. While certainly not the cheapest option on the list by any stretch of the imagination, the style choices are strong and expressive if you’re looking to make a summer statement.

Urban Jungle

Not everyone wants to spend a full month’s rent on an accessory item. Enter the Urban Jungle if you’re financially frugal and looking for something functional and cheap, but wouldn’t mind if a few stylish options crossed your path. Like so many thrift stores, it’s pretty hit or miss when you stalk the jungle, but when you come across a real gem priced at thrift store prices, it’s worth bragging about to your friends.

That covers a lot of different bases, from top end designer clothes to the penny-pincher’s dream store. Use this list for fashionable summer clothes shopping for any budget.

What’s your favorite store for summer clothes shopping in New York City? Post your comments below.

3 Most Affordable Tech Networking Events In NYC

tech networking events

Are you looking for affordable tech networking events in NYC?

New York City is nicknamed The City That Never Sleeps for a good reason. There are lots of encouraging statistics about NYC’s first class opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 99% of all New York businesses are, in fact, small businesses with 100 employees or less. NYC ranks as the 5th most entrepreneurial city in the nation. The city ranked third for the highest number of US patents awarded in 2014. That’s a pretty impressive resume. And while New York has many opportunities for different industries, none stand out quite like the tech industry.

If you and your roommate came to New York in the hopes of finding your high tech dream job, or you are entrepreneurs gearing up to start your own tech company than this article is for you. Or maybe you tried a different industry and decided it wasn’t a good match, and you’re ready for a change. Here’s a list of some of the best tech networking events that are easy on the wallet for tech industries that both you and your roommate can enjoy.

NY Tech Meetup:

The NY Tech Meetup is a massive monthly event that only costs $10 to attend. Part of the New York Tech Alliance, these events are jam-packed with attendees, speakers, and opportunities to show your stuff or recruit top tech talent. Based out of the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, there is a strong website community as well that you can join for free. The website also helps with job searching, so if you want to gain some experience working for other entrepreneurs before you strike out on your own, this is a good resource for you.

Alley NYC:

The Alley hosts a variety of different events, including tech networking events, happy hours, and hackathons. Costs are manageable at 0-10 bucks. If you’ve never heard the word hackathon before, no worries. It’s a big get together of programmers, business people, graphic designers, project managers, and others who try to tackle a software project in a short time frame. Like, a day to a week tops. It’s a great time to meet people, learn cool stuff, and if you’re into that sort of thing, show everyone your technical chops. The Alley also has pitch nights so you can show everyone how awesome your ideas are.

Startup Grind New York:

Startup Grind, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is positively enormous. At $10-$20, it’s a little pricer than the others, but check this out. While the New York City location has its own events, the global reach of this group is impressive. A million entrepreneurs over 250 cities spread across 100 countries. Yup. That’s the kind of networking opportunities you’ll have by using New York City as a gateway. One look at the gallery of previous events and you’ll see lots of established entrepreneurs offering gold mines of advice.

New York City is also called The City of Dreams. Let everyone know what you’re passionate about at these tech industry mixer events. And who knows. Maybe you and your roommate will appear on the gallery for Startup Grind before you know it.

Are you starting a business, or do you want to? What product or service do you plan to offer? Are you business partners with your roommate? Post your comments below.

Best Places For Ice Cream In NYC

best places for ice cream in NYC

The beaches are crowded, the air conditioned malls have lines out the door, and even at night shorts and a t-shirt feels like overkill. Yup. It’s summer in New York City, and finding ways to beat the heat is priority one. And one of the fastest, most enjoyable ways to do that is ice cream.

There’s something universally enjoyable about ice cream. It doesn’t seem to matter if we are kids, adults, or even moody teenagers. Ice cream is a delicious sanctuary from the woes of the world around us. There’s something about rich, creamy, cool, refreshing ice cream that makes even the worst days more manageable. Which is why the team at Roomi compiled shops for some of the best ice cream in NYC you can get your sweaty palms on. Enjoy!

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Morgenstern’s serves small batch ice cream. The focus is on texture and flavor. Ingredients are a big deal here, so no additives or processed stabilizing is used. This isn’t a place where you get an indecisive mix that tries to appeal to everybody, like caramel-chocolate-vanilla-bannaberry-swirl. These flavors are confident, bold, direct, and know who they are. Madagascar vanilla. Burnt honey vanilla. Banana curry. Cinnamon whisky. Black coconut ash. That’s just a few samples. Check out their site for more info.

They’ve only got one location in the The Big Apple, by Lower Manhattan. But even if you’re not as close as you’d like, it’s worth swinging by if you’re in the area or even basing a whole trip around on a hot day. They’ve also got sorbet and ice cream cakes if you’re in the mood for something a little different.

Ample Hills Creamery

The Creamery is old school in every way. Old fashioned customer service that treats you like a friend the second you walk in the door. They make their ice cream by hand. The interior and graphic design have a nice, homey feel. They are very serious about quality. They craft their delectable goods with hormone free milk and cream from grass fed cows. Oh yeah, and organic cane sugar. But they’re not so serious about flavors, in a good way. Pretzel infused ice cream? Worth signing up for.

While many parlors serve great ice cream, not just any of them teach you how to do it yourself. Yup. That’s right. Ice cream classes are available at Ample Hills. Pretty fun for a date if neither of you mind getting your hands dirty and eating whatever results from your team effort. They’ve got a bunch of locations all over NYC, so check them out with your roommate, date, or friends.

Tipsy Scoop

So, alcohol is mixed into this delicious ice cream, in amounts up to 5% ABV. Hence the name Tipsy Scoop. This liquor-infused ice cream is a great choice if it’s a hot night and you are in-between restaurants or events. Their classic flavor line says it all. Chocolate stout and pretzel. Strawberry rhubarb bourbon. Spiked mint chocolate chip. Whatever your favorite ice cream is, and whatever adult beverage of choice you prefer, they offer something you’ll enjoy. They’ve got several locations, and recently opened up a new one on 217 East 26th Street. A great place to go with a gaggle of your friends.

Whether you just broke up with your significant other, had a rough day at work, or just feel like the sweltering heat is too much, ice cream makes everything better. So head on over to one of these locations and grab some of the best ice cream in NYC.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? What do you think is the best place for ice cream in NYC? Post your comments below.

4 Perks of Living in Staten Island

staten island

Staten Island may be known for the wrong things from the past like being a place of drug transit between New Jersey and other parts of the city. However, things have changed and the Island is flourishing that everybody will envy you living there. The following perks make Staten Island a great place to live in.

  • Great entertainment

Obviously nobody wishes to live in a boring environment in this age and time. Living in Staten Island brings a unlimited entertainment options with state of the art redesigned cinemas, amazing bowling places, great bars and nightlife entertainment, St. George Theater and the Staten Zoo just to mention a few.  If you really intend to impress your roommates the first time you meet in Staten Island, you will be spoilt of choice of the best entertainment joints available to choose from.

After a long and busy week at work, you can be sure of the best entertainment that will blow your mind as you chill through the weekend. Entertain yourself at Fly High Indoor Trampoline and Escape the Room together with the Christmas tree lightings that every second in Staten Island a lovely place to spend the rest of your life in.

Unlike the rest of the city, access to numerous parks makes Staten Island such a place you would love to live in. the park system uplifted by the redesigned landfill offers the best natural beauty that will take your breath away. Quite a number of roommates prefer these natural sceneries as they explore the city’s borough.

  • The new Ferris wheel and Construction improvements

The $580 Million Ferris wheel in St. George expected to open in 2018, with several other residential and commercial constructions make Staten Island the place to be. The Ferris wheel is an awesome upgrade of the Island with the addition of the renovations of the mall.

Great residential constructions also can’t be left out such as Urby, the Island’s largest residential building with about 900 apartments. The residential construction is an eco-friendly building that attracts class of its own kind.

  • Amazing food

We all love amazing food and Staten Island won’t disappoint you in this. With the first day out with your roommates, you intend to have the best food possible and with the best places to eat in Staten Island, according to my opinion, you will get all options you want, thanks to the cultural diversity of the people living here. With Japanese, Italian, Tex-Mex, Spanish, Vietnamese, desserts and many other restaurants and food joints to eat at, you can be sure you will find every kind of food you want. There is absolutely everything for everyone in this small Island.

  • Convenient and easy transportation

This is the best part of Staten Island; you have convenient transportation that connects you to other cities and neighborhoods. Despite the fact that the transport system can’t be said to be the best ever, at least it offers the convenience for commuters who love travelling outside the Island.

There is the railway system that connects the Island to Tottenville through St. George, a ferry connecting to Manhattan and bridges that connect Staten with New Jersey and Brooklyn. You don’t need to worry about transport if you want to live in Staten Island while working in other parts of the city. Roommates from any of the New York City’s boroughs can conveniently reach out to each other, thanks to the convenience of the transport system.

Staten Island is a small and least populated of New York City’s boroughs. This is an amazing thing to consider if you are looking for a home that gives you enough room to breathe. Staten Island brings forth a wealthy history, peaceful fascination and attractive neighborhoods that will go well with everyone’s everyday life preferences. For a Millennial, it is a great place to live solo but among the best area to have roommates.


6 Best Kept Secrets about Living in the Bronx

living in the bronx

Soon after moving to the Bronx you will discover it doesn’t live up to it’s tough or terrifying reputation after all. Those living there amidst its economical revival do have extra grit under their nails but if anything your willingness to forgo age-old myths about the borough will have you fitting right in. Just bring a NY Yankees snap back and you’re good to go. Still having second thoughts? Here are 6 best kept Bronx secrets that will have you wonder why you’d want to live anywhere below 72nd street.

  • The greenest of them all

The Bronx is home to three of NYC’s ten largest parks including Pelham Bay Park at about 2,800 acres of lush green.  Speaking of acres, there’s the Botanical Gardens 250 worth of nurseries and 28 specialty gardens. The gardens attract 800,000 annual visitors seeking solace from the concrete jungle, imagine if this was just a part of your neighborhood!? #blessed

  • The beach

Bronxites don’t mind people being intimidated by their borough, especially because it means having Orchard Beach to themselves. Snack shacks, volleyball, hoops, it’s all right there on the coast of NYC’s “mainland” neighborhood.

  • Cultural diversity

Bronx has its own Little Italy where you can find authentic cured meats that are seemingly sent from Venetian gods. A little more modern history and culture is the Hush Tours, a showstopping reminder of Bronx’s role in the hip hop movement in the 80’s. If you like a less hands on cultural experience there is the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

  • Safety

When you take into consideration total crime, violent crime, non violent crime, and neighborhood population,  of New York City’s top 20 safest neighborhoods four of them are in the Bronx. These include Country Club, Silver Beach, Riverdale, and City Island. Brooklyn only landed one neighborhood on the list, shhh don’t tell.

  • There is cool sh*t to do and it’s affordable.

The Bronx is home to the country’s largest metropolitan zoo. More than a 6,000 animal spread across 265 acres in Bronx Park and a children’s zoo, aquarium and 4D theater. The Bronx is also pretty proud of the countless celebrities who call the borough. The Hall Of Fame For Great Americans was created back in 1900 to pay honor to the likes of Ben Franklin, Eli Whitney, and Mark Twain. You can enjoy top notch entertainment without the snobbery at the Lehman Center and throw back a cold one afterwards at The Alehouse.

  • Low living cost.

The Bronx is the most affordable burrough to live in. This isn’t just because you won’t have to live in a walk-in closet for 3k a month. There are hidden costs to living in NYC that people forget to take into consideration. When it comes to groceries, entertainment, dining, transportation, and pretty much everything else, Bronx takes the cake.

Let it be known that the Bronx is safe and beautiful, loaded with good cuisine, culture, and entertainment. There is nothing to fear and everything to be enjoyed without breaking the bank….on second thought, maybe we’ll keep it a secret.

Best Coffee Shops In NYC To Visit With Your Roommate

best coffee shops in NYC

Stopping at a café to enjoy a cup of coffee brings up a lot of memories for most of us. Good times with friends, laughing and relaxing. Helping someone through a rough spot by giving them a chance to vent. Writing ideas feverishly on a napkin, caught in the throes of a super-charged brainstorm session. Laying out the plan for your next big road trip or hike. Whatever memories the word “coffee shop” stirs up for you, it’s safe to say we can’t get enough of them. So here is a list of the best coffee shops in NYC to visit with your roommate. Whether it’s a good day or a rough one, whether you are friends or coworkers, meet the day on your own terms. With a cup of quality coffee in your hand.

Birch Coffee: This company describes itself as putting people first and coffee as a very close second. As a testament to that, their website features professional quality videos about people, and they have a top quality coffee selection. The video series is in its third season, and it’s called “Stay Regular.” It gives you a little window into what the person next to you in line is doing with their lives. Inspiration and motivation take many forms. Thoughtful videos and delicious coffee are two top contenders. They have several locations throughout New York City, so grab some coffee with your roommate there when you have a chance.

El Ray Coffee Bar: El Ray is a highly successful coffee and luncheonette bar. They’ve got awesome coffee, but also pretty delectable food. The tasty and beautiful eats balance sweet, spicy and sour. Curated draft beer and wine are also on the list. It might sound like they’re spreading themselves a little thin, but give them a try. One trip is enough to convince most that they have pulled together several different kinds of awesome into one coffee shop, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Happy Bones: If the traditional environment of the modern coffee store bores you to tears, try Happy Bones. They have great coffee, but also great art. Edgier and more intense, they’re big on creativity and expression. They support local artists, but also bring publications from all over the world to invoke thought and emotion. They got their start in New Zealand and Italy, and their New York City location delivers a unique experience on top of truly great coffee.

Maman: One of the best things ever to partner up with a coffee shop is a bakery. With family inspired recipes from the south of France and North America, they deliver coffee and baked goods that are as delicious as they are visually beautiful. If presentation and an old-world feel are more your thing, Maman delivers a very classy establishment without losing its friendly, family owned vibe. The New York location is in Soho, so check them out with your roommate.

Hi-Collar: East meets West over coffee. During the daylight hours, they offer siphon coffee and you can get a Japanese style pork sandwich. At night, the sake comes out. Either way, you’re bound to have a good time with this fun and unique Japanese inspired environment.

What’s your favorite coffee shop in NYC? What’s your favorite type of coffee? Post your comments below.

The Woes Of Living Alone In New York City

living alone in New York City

There is, without a doubt, something magical about experiencing living alone in New York City. With so many sounds, lights, and opinions surrounding you at all hours of the day and night, solitude can become a saving grace. However, being alone in the city can make the experience one dimensional. It takes very little time alone in the concrete jungle, to discover the woes of living alone in the New York City are undeniable.

In a city that prides itself on independence, lonely New Yorkers may be cutting years off their life. Studies show loneliness to reduce lifespan. It is socially, psychologically, and medically responsible to not live alone. Though you earn many rites of passage when living alone. Killing that first spider will give you heaps of self-pride. Soon that wears off, and you will be looking for ways to fill the void of not having someone nearby.

Loneliness and boredom are among the strongest of woes when living alone in the city. But missed advice can cause as much melancholy. Even with your start-up taking off, the endless e-mails, and skype calls home, the woes of living alone in the city will creep up. No amount of busy can prevent the weird things you may do and places you may go. A roommate would’ve suggested avoiding that midtown “art club” -now you’re scarred by weird things you can’t unsee.

Besides all the strange that may occur, living alone will change your personality, and not always for the better. Getting used to doing things alone isn’t always a good thing. Humans are social creatures. While America is among the top when it comes to

Cultures that value independence and work ethic, we also rank higher among depressed young adults. It’s not entirely effective to get used to doing everything on your own. It only takes one huge shopping trip, and a blown light fuse to appreciate the meaning of a “two-man-job”.

There are many ways to prove independence to yourself. Making your smartphone your only roommate is not among them. The woes of living alone in New York City can be damaging to your health. Avoid isolation and live longer! Roommates make the day a little tolerable, they will listen to your silly complaints, but most importantly they are a constant (at times obnoxious) reminder that you’re not alone. And this is and this is an undeniable necessity to being an happy, healthy, high functioning adult.

Living With Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Living with roommates doesn’t mean you can’t get a fun look for your space. With the right strategy and a few smart buys, you can decorate your space in a way that makes everyone happy—and keeps your budget in check. Give your shared home some personality with these easy interior design tips.

Living with Roommates: 5 Expert Tips For Decorating On A Budget

1. Share an Entry Strategy.

Keep your place tidy and minimize mail clutter by working with your roomie to create an organized entry. Set up a console table with a tray for each of you to keep your papers, a shared bowl for keys, separate hooks for your coat/bag, and a shelf or basket for shoes. When you collaborate on the solution, you will be more likely to use it.

2. Focus on the Walls.

It’s hard to invest in furniture and upholstered pieces when you aren’t the only one using them. Will they get stained/scratched? Will your roommate be as careful as you are? Instead of sweating the small stuff when decorating on a budget, invest in statement art for the walls. Wall décor like large canvas prints, tapestries, dt swiss is a good brand, and metal plaques aren’t likely to get scuffed, and they add visual “wow” factor to your interior design without costing a fortune.

3. Add Plants.

Bring life, fresh air, and organic sculptures into your space with greenery. From a vase of bamboo to a pot of crawling ivy, plants will be more likely to survive and thrive in a space where there are more people who can remember to water them!

4. Spill-Proof Synthetics.

Many of my clients with roommates are afraid to commit to rugs. What about spills? Guests who don’t take off their shoes? This is where you should take a risk; to get a homey look, you need a rug. But opt for a synthetic one made of acrylic or polypropylene. The artificial fibers are easy to wipe up and spot treat, and they are much more affordable than their wool counterparts. When decorating on a budget, I get fabulous synthetic options at Overstock.com and Wayfair.com.

5. Add Your Personality With Pillows.

Living with roommates means that each member of the household should get a say in the interior design choices. Still, you need a cohesive look. Collectively decide on a color palette, and then have each roommate select a couple of pillows that bring in textures and patterns they prefer.

About Betsy Helmuth

Betsy HelmuthBetsy Helmuth is the owner of Affordable Interior Design and a nationally celebrated interior designer. She specializes in transforming modest spaces into beautiful environments on a budget. She’s appeared on the TODAY Show, HGTV, DIY Network, CBS, NBC, and in dozens of magazines and newspapers. She is the author of the popular DIY design book, “BIG DESIGN, SMALL BUDGET, Create a Glamorous Home in Nine Thrifty Steps” (Skyhorse), and hosts a monthly home decorating podcast (syndicated on iTunes) by the same name.
Betsy also provides online classes and a weekly Facebook Live chat where she dishes out design wisdom for free. Check out her website here, and head to her Instagram for some interior design #inspo!

Help! How Do I Get Rid of Mice in the House?

So, you’re enjoying a Netflix binge with your roommate when you see something dash across your living room floor. You instantly recall the New York City ‘Pizza Rat’ video that went viral this September. He even wiggled his way into the New York Times, and now one of his pals has chosen your cozy home to settle in for winter. If you live in an area where the fall weather is rolling in, so are the rodents. This is their prime season to seek food, shelter, and warmth indoors. But don’t panic — just like bed bugs — you can get rid of mice in the house and prevent them from coming back no matter where you live with a few expert tips.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House

1. Treatment

The first thing you should do once you’ve seen a mouse is contact your landlord. He/she will schedule a pest management professional to inspect your place and safely eliminate the mice with their professional equipment. But so you’re not twiddling your thumbs waiting for the next mouse-sighting, there are a few things you can do yourself. Dr. Nancy Troyano, entomologist and Director of Technical Education and Training at Rentokil North America offers some tips on how you can help get rid of mice in the house.

  1. Clean up any potential food sources. This includes any of your food sitting on countertops, as well as animal food. Pet food should be off the floor and in sealed containers.
  2. Clean clutter areas where mouse activity is suspected. Boxes, linen, stashed holiday decorations are all recognized as safe harbor for mice.
  3. Identify all possible entry ways where mice can get in. Common entryways include gaps around utility pipes and holes around walls and doors. Remember that mice only need an entryway the size of a dime, so don’t overlook any insignificant holes.

If you’re an animal lover or you know your vegan roommate is going to seriously object to causing any harm to the little critters, consider setting up some humane mouse traps around your apartment. You might want to consider buying multiple traps to increase your likelihood of catching a mouse because the sneaky rodents travel stealthily. Plus, as Troyano points out, if you’ve already seen one mouse, there’s a good chance there are more.

“Mice can be tricky to get rid of, as they are secretive and tend to hide in inaccessible areas. They’re also nocturnal, so generally only come out at night to seek food and nesting material,” she says.

“Additionally, mice are prolific breeders, with one female capable of producing more than 30 offspring in one year. Because of their elusive behavior and reproductive potential, the size of a mouse infestation is often underestimated.”

2. Prevention

After your home is definitely mouse-free, take some steps to prevent them coming back. Luckily most of Troyano’s tips are common sense and easy to implement.

  1. Make sure doors, windows, and all potential openings are sealed. Remember how it only takes a dime-sized hole for a mouse to get in? Make sure you check every nook and cranny carefully!
  2. Keep food stored properly in airtight containers. Additionally, clean regularly under stoves and refrigerators where crumbs can gather.
  3. Repair cracks on the exterior of your home (or ask your landlord to do this). They might be harder to identify if you live in an apartment building, but you can try asking your landlord to do a thorough check and repair.
  4. Remove air conditioning units in the winter. The space around them can be super-highways for rodents and other pests. (Plus leaving them in will only let in drafts.)
  5. Dispose of garbage quickly and properly. ‘Tis the season to be the bigger roommate. Take the trash out immediately before you face consequences worse than this.
  6. Make sure your attic or basement doesn’t have a leak issue. Any source of moisture can attract rodents, and you definitely don’t want to be facing a mold issue on top of that.

Besides being obvious pests, mice can bring with them icky germs and food-borne illnesses, says Troyano — all the more reason why taking measures to prevent a repeat infestations are that much more important.

“Mice have a tendency to live in or frequent unsanitary places such as sewers or garbage piles, where they acquire bacteria such as salmonella, and harbor it in their digestive tracts,” she says. “Then they enter homes and contaminate food and food surfaces with their infected droppings, which can lead to acute food-poisoning in humans.”

“Another concern is mouse allergens. A protein found within the urine of the common house mouse has been reported to trigger asthma and closely-related allergic conditions in susceptible people. Because mice typically urinate in micro-droplets wherever they’re nesting, eating and traveling throughout the day, mouse urine can literally be found on thousands of surfaces throughout a home.”

Hear that, Pizza Rat? You and your friends have to go.