How to Build a Meaningful Personal Brand as a Startup Founder

FROM HUFFINGTON POST: For three years, building my own brand was dead-last on the priority list. I promised I’d get around to eventually—but first, I had a product to build, capital to raise, a team to grow, and a community to nurture. And wasn’t all this personal brand stuff just a popularity contest anyway?

Don’t make the same mistake. As startup founders, we need all the help we can get: We’ll need to persuade investors and inspire our team. We’ll need to delight users and move journalists. This is where your personal brand comes in, allowing you to reach like-minded people across the world and bring them together, in one place. Brand building, after all, is just relationship building at scale. Continued….

How Securing Startup Funding In India Differs From The U.S.

FROM FORBES:  As the startup ecosystem in India continues to take off, it’s interesting to note the unique way Indian entrepreneurs go about their fundraising efforts. Certain patterns are universal in the lifecycle of a typical startup, and specific traits differ based on cultural and local norms. India and the US, two leading nations in tech innovation, are excellent subjects for examining universal elements of international startups, as well as differences. Continue reading.

Why A Young CEO Should Hire Industry Veterans

FROM FORBES:  With the abundance of talented young founders in global startup scenes, the idea of a budding CEO hiring a seasoned industry veteran has been poked fun at in movies and even the media. The truth is, however, that key senior hires can bring efficiency and wisdom to an often energetic chaos for which early-stage startups are notorious. Those with specialized training and previous experience can save a business precious time, costly mistakes and missed opportunities.  Continue reading here.

More on The Shared Economy: For Millennials, Shared Living is Becoming a New Way of Life

FROM HUFFINGTON POST:  Once, living with roommates or housemates was a necessary way station between dorm life and settling down to buy a family home. Now, shared living is a bona fide life stage not only for millennials, but increasingly for Americans of all ages.

Shared living can mean anything from standard shared apartments to shared houses or even the furnished, flexible co-living spaces of WeLive and similar brands. Read more here.