Ever wondered what it would be like to visit Berlin? Or perhaps you’re thinking of relocating to Berlin, but you don’t know what to expect? Maybe you’ve already moved and you’re searching for things to help you settle down easily in Germany’s capital city. Looking for some places to visit in Berlin? Restaurants you can eat in? Exquisite dishes you can try? Fun spots where you can relax? Well, you just name it. We have it all covered here in our exclusive list of the best things to do in Berlin.

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Places to Visit In Berlin

1. The New Reichstag

The Reichstag is arguably one of the most famous buildings in the world. That popular, huh? Absolutely! Hitler and Nazi Germany made it so. If there is any place to visit in Berlin, this is it. You can book your visit to the Reichstag here.

2. The Berlin Wall Memorial

The rest of the Berlin wall is a lasting reminder of the animosity that once threatened to destroy Europe. It is preserved as a memorial and is covered in graffiti that will take your breath away. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Berlin for a taste of history.

3. The Berlin Zoological Garden

Spread over 35 hectares, the Berlin Zoo is the oldest in Germany. If nature and animals interest you, this is an awesome place for you to visit in Berlin.

Timings: Open 9a.m – 5p.m

Ticket price: 13EUR

Enjoy Berlin and its Sports

1. Stadtbad Neukolin

How big will a swimming pool have to be to take 10,000 guests daily? If you can imagine it, then you have Stadtbad Neukolin – touted to be one of the most beautiful pools In Europe. If you are looking for a pool to relax and have some fun in Berlin, you’ll want to visit the Stadtbad.

2. Olympiastadon

Football is one of the best things to do in Berlin. If watching football is something you like to do, you will love Germany’s largest stadium which sits smack at the center of Berlin and is home to Hertha BSC.

Timing: 7am-9.30pm

3. Rennbahn Hoppegarten

Get an adrenaline rush racing horses on the tracks while your hair catches the breeze. It doesn’t get more beautiful and fun than this, and it’s sure to become one of your favorite memories of your time in Berlin.

Feast on the Cultural Displays in Berlin Museums

1. Pergamon Museum

One million visitors! That’s how many people head to the Pergamon every year. If you have some time and you want to see some cool antiquities, artifacts, and cultural exhibits, visiting the Pergamon Museum is one thing you should definitely do.

2. The Humboldt Forum

Located in Berlin palace, the Humboldt Forum is home to both the Museum of Ethnography and the Museum of Asian Art. Here is a worthy rival of the British Museum. Besides over 400,000 artifacts, there are 60,000 music recordings from all over the globe here. Sounds interesting? It’s even more intriguing when you are standing inside.

3. The German Museum of Technology

Here, you’ll find the German technical prowess on display. It will leave you in no doubt as to Germany’s role in Europe’s industrial revolution. You’ll even get to ride on an antique train – just hope that it doesn’t break down!

Walk through the Neighborhood and Breathe in the Culture and History

1. Neukolln

This is what a multicultural neighborhood looks like. From candle-lit bars to tattoo studios, vintage stores, and creative areas, Neukolln is where you go to enjoy a bit of everything, and the young people love it. You will too.

2. Graefekiez

What if you could pay for your beer with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency? Sounds like a trip to the future, right? Well, Graefekiez will have you feeling that way with its tech-friendly environment. Quite an odd picture when you consider the Bohemian setting.

3. Topography of Terror

While not an attempt to cause panic, the name attempts to capture a snapshot of history. The ‘Topography of terror’ is at a prime location where Nazi persecution and terror happened. If you are looking to rejig your memories about the Nazi reign of terror, the documentation center is the place to visit in Berlin. Check out the website below for current opening and closing hours, and special hygiene rules for Covid-19.

What’s in Berlin For your Stomach?

1. Nobelhart & Schmutzig

This right here is the home of sustainable food. Everything is from just around the corner, literally. As you feast, you’re treated to nice stories by the staff – stories about where the onions came from and how the wine was brewed nearby, for example. The feeling when you eat here is definitely unique, and you should make it one of the things you do in Berlin. You can also order deliveries via their website.

2. Yafo

Closely packed tables, loud music, and mismatched furniture. That’s the story of Yafo. It adds a homely feel to an otherwise outdoor dinner party venue. Yafo allows you to step into Israel from the heart of Germany, through their selection of Israeli dishes.

3. Shiori

Looking to celebrate differently while in Berlin? Shiori is the place. With a blend of European ingredients and Japanese cooking techniques, Shiori presents the perfect place for an evening celebration with a close group of friends.

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