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You’ve got big plans. Maybe you’re moving for work, or traveling just because—but wherever you’re headed, an old-school, yearlong lease won’t cut it anymore. That’s why we’re here. We wake up every morning to help you find flexible, affordable housing and connect with roommates who make the big city feel like home.

5 Ideas We Live By

Serve First

Everything we do at Roomi, we do for you. Got a question? Found a bug we should know about? Let us know at (And yes, there are real people on the other end.)

Stay Focused

It’s easy to get carried away with great ideas—but we’d rather bring you a few game-changing tools than a whole lot of mediocre ones. That’s why we promise to get our current features right before we build something new.

Never Settle

We’re working toward a future where flexible, affordable shared living is the norm. We’ve got a long way to go, but with your support, we get closer every day.

Be Transparent

In a world of shady listings, we built Roomi to be a breath of fresh air. We strive for transparency in everything we do, which sometimes means owning up to our mistakes. You deserve that from us.

Empower Renters

It’s your life, and your home. That’s why we gave you the power to
search by shared interests, amenities, move-in date—in short,
by all the things that matter most to you.