We know, we know, “organize your closet!” sounds like something your mom used to say to you as a kid and it probably annoyed you back then. But as you grow older, something changes. Just the sight of a well-put-together closet (that you’ve spent hours cleaning out), you desperately want to expand your space, and DIY hacks give you life.

Now, if you’re like us, you’ve probably spent approximately a hundred hours watching DIY hacks videos on Youtube (Or TikTok if you’re hip and cool). Marie Kondo is probably your role model at this point. And as satisfying as it is to watch these videos, you also know that some of the things you need to really fix your closet are out of your budget right now.

Well, this is where we come in. What if we told you, you can organize your closet (which is kinda like organizing your life) on a budget? And I don’t mean just fold-your-clothes-better type hacks, I’m talking professional-level organizing here. ON A BUDGET! With DIY HACK! YES, it is possible and we’re going to show you exactly how.

Use these amazing tips and DIY hacks to organize your closet and believe me, even Marie Kondo herself would be proud of you!

Organize your Closet- Step 1: “Keep or Toss”

In order to expand your space and organize your closet, there are a few things to keep in mind which will make the whole organizing process a lot easier for you. To begin, you will have to play a little game of Keep or Toss. And this step will cause no burden on your budget, so there’s that.

If you’re a hoarder, this step will be really difficult for you; letting go of things, and the memories attached to them, can be really hard. But believe me, if you want to expand your space, this step is a must. Here is a really helpful guide to make this process easier! One way to do this is by dividing your clothes up into different sections- your day-to-day clothes, your office clothes, your party clothes, and so on. Once they’re in different sections, the process of throwing clothes away (or donating them) will feel less overwhelming. Now that you have narrowed down your stuff, you can start to organize your closet.

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Step 2: analyze your space

Just like every person is unique, their storage space is unique as well. In this case, one shoe does not fit all (or however that saying goes). So once your space is completely empty, take a good hard look at it. How would you organize your closet? If you don’t have a hanging rod, now would be a very good time to invest in one. Do you think adding some shelves would make life easier? Or maybe the whole thing could use a cool new paint job. Whatever it is that you think would spruce up the space, you should look into it. This is a great place to look at DIY hacks.

Adding some cute lights and paint can really brighten up your room without much effort at all. Here is where you can figure out what kind of storage solution you need – whether it’s baskets, a chest of drawers, hooks, or hangers. So, go ahead and figure out what the space needs, but keep your budget in mind.

Step 3: DIY hacks

Okay, all the arts-and-crafts geeks, this is your time to shine. To organize your closet on a budget means you need to use a lot of DIY hacks. This is a great time to reuse old boxes as storage solutions. Old shoeboxes, cartons, boxes you got from Amazon deliveries, just need a bit of makeover, and just like that, you’ve got yourself a fancy storage box. You can use cute wrapping paper to match them to your decor theme. Just be sure to label the boxes at the end, so you know which box contains what.

Step 4: expand your hanging space

Most of us are so preoccupied with making space in our shelves and drawers, that we forget that there is a perfect space that is being completely ignored – the space above your shelves. Expand your space by hanging your clothes. It also makes finding your clothes a million times easier.

You don’t have to keep digging around to find that one dress you bought last summer – it’s right in front of you! If you don’t already have one, get a hanging rod installed ASAP. And while you’re at it, buy a few hooks for the back of your door as well. It is a fantastic place to hang your scarves, belts, headbands, or hats. This is one of the greatest DIY hacks of all time!

Step 5: Expand your space

Haven’t you ever looked at your closet after a shopping spree and thought to yourself, “damn, I wish I had a little bit more space for my stuff.” Well, maybe that’s something that is possible. You can actually expand your space in your closet by raising your existing shelves or hanging rod by a few inches. This is a really simple yet effective way to open up your space and organize your closet. DIY hacks ftw!

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Step 6: don’t forget about the floor!

If you want to expand your space, don’t forget about the floors! Utilizing your floor space will really give you a lot of additional room to store your stuff. Of course, we’re not asking you to put your clothes on the floor and forget about it. Here is where storage drawers will really save you. These are relatively cheap and are available at most hardware stores. There are also some great DIY hacks available if you want to get crafty! If you feel like splurging a little, get wicker baskets for your floor – they’re great for storing stuff and they look GORGEOUS.

Now that you have the tools to organize your closet, go forth and make us all proud!

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