Our waking lives are filled with numerous tasks, from work in the kitchen to organizing the house. While some of these tasks are easy, peasy super breezy, others might take longer. So our fantastic team took it upon themselves to bring you some easy life hacks that could make your life simpler and save you tons of chore time.

1. This one goes out to all the coffee lovers in the house. An easy hack to keep your cold brews deliciously cold and heavily caffeinated!

2. At Roomi, we are big on organizing a mess and keeping things tidy. So here’s a hack that lets you kill and beat those hard to reach dusty spots. Grab a squeezy ketchup bottle head and let the vacuuming commence.

3. Is your bedside table a pool of tangled writhing snakey wires? Use this hack to organize your charging cables and save time on untangling before every use.

4. What is our life without extension cords and charging cables? Having said that, who likes to have random wires thrown across the room or having a perpetual wire across their bed because their roomi doesn’t have a designated spot to store them? Here’s how to pull the plug on your situation! Use empty toilet roles to wrap and neatly store cables for you and your roomi. Alternatively, add waste cardboard from amazon packages to create a box division for longer cables & chargers. You’re welcome!

5. Dysfunctional shower head? Here’s an easy life hack to unclog and make your showerheads functional again!

6. Tight shoes? This simple life hack will help you loosen ’em up for happy feet!

7. Don’t burn your fingers because the Italians have saved the day again with pasta! Use uncooked spaghetti to light the wick.

8. Speaking of spaghetti, do you ever struggle to store it properly? Here’s an easy life hack that’s canceled all the other boring ways to store spaghetti.

9. Another excellent storage hack that repurposes the big plastic bottles sitting under your sink. You could also paint and use the remaining plastic for potting a lovely plant!

10. Let the beach take care of all your life troubles while this easy life hack takes care of all your “how will I keep my stuff waterproof on the beach?” troubles.

11. The world needed this hack!!! How many times does one have to stick their plate in the microwave to get their food hot and steamy? Our score is 3, how about you?

12. Sandwich lovers in the house? Let’s get toasted!

13. Redefining your vanilla icecream experience at home like nothing else.

14. A tried and tested method to remove eggshells like a boss! Say bye-bye to pulling chunks of the egg in the process of taking out the shell.

15. A neat way to divide the cake and other soft stuff! Especially when you have a roomi who always ends up taking the bigger piece.

16. Next time you go hiking or camping, take a bag of Doritos. Not only does it make a scrumptious snack, but it also doubles up as a campfire. Who knew?

17. Talking about hiking & traveling, here’s a nifty hack to store your emergency funds.

18. Here’s an easy life hack for all the peeps who end up taking the wrong exits.

19. Last but a simple life hack that could save your life! Tell your roomi to try this too!

So which of these lifehacks have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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