“Change is as good as rest.” This is a common saying but often overlooked by many. Sometimes it is difficult to determine when to change your town having lived there your entire life and most crucially not knowing when you really want to explore new towns. Perhaps it’s time to move on and start all over. These are just but a few of the signs it is time to relocate.

You have never lived anywhere else

How to move out for the first time? Is the question you find yourself asking a lot. Having lived in one town your entire life means a lot to you. While it feels good to be around people that know you personally and relate well with you, it just feels awkward to get the same feeling each day all the time. Nobody ever wants to feel like people know them more than they should anyway. Walking around town and everybody is calling you by your name or knows your order on entering a joint; damn it just feels like you have no privacy at all. On the same note, you are way too well used to the repeated daily experiences. It’s time to move on and to leave your mark elsewhere.

Your finances have improved or you’re struggling

Mostly people tend to live in a specific town dictated by their financial muscle. If things get better, moving is inevitable. In the same way, when you can’t afford to live there anymore it’s time to downsize. Among other things,  a shift in your finances may be a good time to consider where you are and if you need to move on and find another place.

It’s time to move on because your surroundings are no longer inspiring

Personal growth is subject to inspiration you get from your neighbors and the surrounding in general.  A new location provides new challenges and inspirations altogether. If you don’t feel inspired to achieve more wherever you are then there is no point sticking around, move!

Simply assess your internal motivations, find out what you enjoy doing or what inspires you and move in that direction. If you are inspired in farming for instance, then there is no need sticking in the city. The same way if you think you are outgrowing your town and it feels too comfortable, you need some knock ups in a big city to roll you back to seriousness.

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It’s time to move on because you can’t remember the reason why you moved to your current town in the first place

People move to different towns for a purpose. If you think the purpose that brought you around no more keeps you there, then you need to look around and seek to find a location that fulfills your anticipations. Besides, it is time to build yourself on new dreams, relationships, and goals. This won’t happen by standing still.

The only thing stopping you is the stress of moving

Do not let yourself get stuck in your current city simply because you fear the stress of relocation. Moving is much easier done than said. The more you think about everything that needs to be done the more overwhelmed you may feel. Go out,  buy packing supplies, and like Shia La Boeuf says, do it.  If it takes convincing friends and family with pizza and beer or hiring someone to do everything from the packing to the transporting,  it can be done once you’ve made the decision.

Be it a big condo uptown or a bohemian shack with three roommates in Brooklyn – onward!

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