There’s nothing quite charming as a house with indoor plants. The green can not only lighten up any space in 0.0001 seconds, but they are also good at keeping secrets. The pandemic urged a lot of us to take up creative hobbies like art & gardening. And can I be honest, there’s no turning back! While most of us are not blessed with the proverbial ‘green thumb’ like our mums & our grannies, some simple care tips can definitely help you keep your indoor plants alive. Let’s look at some simple tips to care for common houseplants.

How to care for common houseplants?

It isn’t rocket science! All you need is to understand what your plant wants. Start by identifying your indoor plant and their needs in terms of sunlight and water. Also, make sure the pot has drainage holes for extra water to seep out. Additional tips ??

? Involves a pot twist: Twist the pot every few days to ensure all parts of the pant get equal amounts of sunlight.

? Rooting for you: Rehome the plant to a bigger pot if the roots start sticking out from the top. These tips are all you need to keep in mind while caring for common houseplants. Easy peasy, right?

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6 Common houseplants that aren’t easy to kill unless your weapon is kindness ?

1. African Violets: Easiest indoor plants out there!

Counted amongst the easiest blooming indoor plant, African Violets are a treat for the eyes. These plants love warm conditions and indirect sunlight and need very little maintenance. Contrary to their name, these common houseplants come in a variety of colors and foliage shapes.

♥️ Do: Place your potted plant in a shallow dish filled with an inch of water and allow it to absorb water from the bottom.

? Don’t: Keep in direct sunlight or water from above.

2. Peace Lilies

These must-have common houseplants are packed with more than meets the eye. Peace lilies are known to be excellent air purifiers and are quite hardy. In fact, if it’s given the right conditions, these indoor plants can last for years with very little maintenance. How awesome is that?

These elegant beauties prefer bright filtered light with moist soil.

♥️ Do: Keep soil moist and not soggy.

? Don’t: Avoid dark places as this plant loves a combination of bright and unfiltered light

Please note: Peace lilies are lethal and not recommended for pet parents.

3. Anthuriums: our favorite common houseplant

The undeniable charm of the Anthuriums demands its audience to stop and admire. This cheery relative of the peace lilies can be quite rewarding when grown in bright light with moist soil conditions.

♥️Do: Keep these indoor plants in medium to bright light; 60-75°F and make sure you keep the soil barely moist in winters.

? Please note: These may be common houseplants but they are toxic to pets.

4. Christmas Cactus

These dramatic indoor plants are a popular choice and for good reason. They are stunning, fuss-free, and known to live for decades. Their gorgeous star-shaped blooms are perfect and come in different colors from whites to pinks and reds.

♥️ Do: Keep in bright indirect light and water only when the soil is dry.

? Dont: Let the water collect in the pot’s saucer.

5. Amaryllis

These gorgeous blooming indoor plants are grown from bulbs instead of seeds. They enjoy full bright spots of lights, and if devoid, the plant can slump sadly. Plant them in October and enjoy blooms till the end of June.

♥️ Do: Put in bright spots of the house to see it bloom happily.

? Don’t: This common house plant can easily slump if not given sufficient lighting conditions.

6. Phalaenopsis Orchid

These photogenic indoor plants are quite tough despite their dainty appearance. They can survive for years with little or no care. Who knew?

♥️ Do: Water once a week until it drains from the bottom of the pot

? Don’t: Keep in dull and dark spots. An east-west facing window works well for this common houseplant.

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