Moving to NYC? Consider getting a short term rental in NYC to get to know the city better! Here are your best rental hacks when you do.

Moving to a city with over eight and a half million people in it with some of the most expensive rent in the nation is kind of a big deal. So have you considered finding a short term rental in NYC to learn more about the city its unique (read as difficult) move in process? You might even save some hard earned cash by doing so. Here’s a list of 10 rental hacks and why they work when it comes to a short term rental in NYC before taking the plunge.

1. You can make sure NYC is for you

The Big Apple is legendary. Intense, crowded, rich in opportunity, diverse, and fast paced. And, hey, it’s not for everyone. However, if NYC isn’t for you, that’s not a bad thing or a good thing. It’s just a you thing. Better to hang around for a few months, rack up some awesome stories to share with family and friends back home, then say, “Nah, it’s just not for me.” You gave it a shot, that’s what matters. Maybe you like country life, or you want to try an international city, like Tokyo.

2. You get to become a steely-eyed veteran of the New York lease signing process

Here’s one of the most important rental hacks for you. Signing a lease in New York is definitely more involved than your average lease agreement elsewhere in the USA. Because lots of landlords in New York only go through brokers, a short term lease can give you a chance to get to know a good one. There are extra fee’s you might not be used to, and you’ll want to bring proof of income plus pass a credit check. You’ll need a guarantor as well. Moreover, good apartments move fast in NYC, and a short term rental will leave you seasoned, prepped, and ready to side tackle one the moment it becomes available.

3. Pre-Furnished short term rentals can save you cash

Some short term rentals are pre-furbished. Do they cost more per month? Of course they do. But compared to moving your own stuff, you could easily come out ahead for a short term stay. Think about it. Moving furniture in New York City can cost $600-$1000 on average. If you’re only staying for a month or two, and they charge you $200 extra a month for a furnished room, you’re still beating the system.

4. With a short term rental, you can get to know your community better

Don’t snag a short term rental just anywhere. It pays big dividends to live in the same neighborhood you’re thinking about moving to long term. Every neighborhood in NYC is unique. While some have more parks, others have more shopping. In fact, some are a pretty spectacular blend of both. Certain communities are tighter knit than others. You’ll pick up on which one’s are more welcoming right away. Although New Yorkers are famous for many things, being shy isn’t one of them.

5. You can experience your apartment complex around the clock

One of the best rental hacks is to get a short term rental where you are renting in the very apartment complex you want to stay at long term. A big problem with apartment searching in general is that things seem great when you tour the place on Wednesday afternoon. You move in Thursday, and all is well. Birds are chirping, people are singing. Then Friday night rolls around and you realize, you’re living with the whackos Sons of Anarchy threw out for charges of unnecessary roughness. A short term rental lets you see what your prospective complex is like throughout the weekly cycle, so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

6. You can find jobs when in a short term rental

New York is famous for being rich in opportunity. In April of 2017, there were 3,825,600 jobs in private sector alone. But don’t expect finding work to come easy. Or fast. However, a short term rental is one of the wisest rental hacks that lets you experience firsthand how marketable you are in such a fiercely competitive environment.

7. You get to take your time when in a short term rental

You might be tempted to maximize your savings by getting a hotel for a few days. But please don’t. Especially if it’s your first time. New York is too big and complex to get an in depth understanding in such a short amount of time. Can a tourist have a great time in three days? Abso-positively. But being a tourist in any city and being a resident are two very different things. Moreover, if you get a hotel, you’ll end up running around like Captain Crazypants and ultimately be left with an incomplete picture of what the city has to offer. In conclusion, a short term rental lets you really come to grips with New York Cities particular brand of epic.

Have you tried a short term rental in New York City? How did it go? Tell us in the comments below.

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