A basic toolbox can help you DIY some simple repairs at home and can be a lot cheaper than calling a contractor to do the job. The same tools that will come in handy for home repairs can also be used for landscaping, car maintenance & home decorating. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of expensive items to add to your toolbox. So, what tools do we begin with, and how do we use them? These must have tools listed below have been given “can’t-live-without-em” status by contractors and handymen everywhere.

Must-have tools without which your toolbox is incomplete!

1. Hammer (must-have tool in every toolbox!)

The humble hammer has gained its honor from ‘Thor’ as his weapon of choice. However, at home, it does the trick with breaking, bending, straightening, and flattening work. Indeed a must-have tool that helps repair a broken closet, hammering nails on walls, closet doors, etc. There are hammers for all shapes, sizes, and weights, ranging from the claw, ball pein, club, sledge, mallets, and more.

They all have specialized usage, but the claw/club hammer should be available at home as they are handy for a range of uses.

2. Plier

Plier is another must-have tool as they come in handy for electrical and mechanical repairs. They work very well to strip wires, join two cables or tighten barb wires. They can even hold objects tightly while you work on them. Although there are many forms of pliers, the primary 8-inch insulated pliers work well even for electrical repairs. No toolbox is complete without a plier!

3. Wrench

A wrench is essential for plumbing and is handy in car repairs. Wrenches help in tightening screws, working with water pipes, and many other car parts. As nuts and bolts are part of many modern gadgets, wrenches are helpful in their maintenance. Pandemic has taught us to be our own handymen and what’s a handyman w/o his toolbox, eh?

4. Screwdrivers

It is common to buy furniture for the home, which conveniently says, “some assembly required.” Just like missing tools, it’s relatively common to find a package that’s missing that final screw that will hold your work together. Along with your screwdriver, keep a few spare screws of different sizes in your toolbox to eliminate the frustration of running to the hardware store at the last minute!

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5. Electrical testers

There is absolutely no substitute for an electrical tester. Though you may not need them often, it’s better to have this in your toolkit than to touch wires with your bare hands. * shudders * For a safe diagnosis of basic electrical faults or even to fix small screws, this comes in very handy. Another, must-have tool in your toolbox!

Additional handy items for the perfect toolbox at home!

6. Tape measures

A measurement tape is often the most ignored yet super useful item in a toolbox! Accurate measurement is required to hang a picture in the correct position, check the size of a pipe, measure an area needing a new carpet, etc. Builders often say that a tape measure is the single most-used tool in their everyday job. A 12 ft. long retracting tape measure is an ideal pick as it opens up from one end and stretches long while remaining steady from one side so that you don’t have to hold it down.

7. Utility knife(No toolbox is complete without this!)

This our favorite one in our list of must have tools for your home! A utility knife can come in handy for any job that requires cutting, like when you need to install a carpet, remove wallpaper, etc. This inexpensive tool is versatile and easy to use. A good utility knife has a secure and comfortable handle with a minimum of 3 blade adjustment options. Having a good knife will save you time and money in the long run.

8.Toolkit & flashlights

It is always a good idea to keep your tool collection organized in a toolkit. You can place them in an earmarked tool spot, and they are available in any contingency. A flashlight is a saving grace when you need it at night or to peer into dark places when you are working.

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Lastly, remember to keep spare safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask in your toolkit so that you don’t have to hunt them down at the last minute.

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