A small kitchen equals a messy kitchen – precariously placed dishes, scattered cutlery, and an unsteady mountain of essentials that some call the pantry. Not anymore – believe us, when we say there’s always enough space to store your snacks and ingredients. The secret to making a small kitchen big is by organizing it smartly. So if you have space saving hacks for a small kitchen on mind? You are in the right place! Here are the best kitchen hacks to help you organize and own the space.

1. Saving hack for a small kitchen – wire shelf risers!

What you see is one shelf, and what we see are ways to maximize that space using wire shelf risers. With these shelf risers, you can add storage space vertically, giving you tons of space to store all your dishes and bowls. Pretty cool, small kitchen hack, eh?

Photo source: Pinterest

2. Divide and conquer with this small kitchen hack!

This simple hack will help you find those knives, serving spoons and the darn sieve when you need ’em. These dividers are not restricted to stationery and small items in the kitchen. They can also be used to store other big kitchen tools.

Image credits: Sugar and cloth and Jeffrey Philip

3. Rethink storage with pan organizers!

Ahh, pots and pans, indeed the noisiest members of the kitchen family.

TBH, no matter how hard you try to keep them neat – they always end up one on top of the other. However, this is a game-changer, and it also tops our small kitchen organization hacks. Basically, you can store pans, lids, chopping boards too using these pan organizers. Cool Stuff!

Image credits: Sugar and cloth and Jeffrey Philip

4. Stay neat & sharp with a magnetic knife bar!

Add some sass while saving precious counter space! Magnetic Knife Bar gives your kitchen a modern minimalistic look and helps you stay sharp. Kitchen hacks like these also double as a great DIY project for all of you who breathe DIY!

Image Credit: Colin Price Photography via The Everygirl

5. Look under the sink

Forget all other ways of storing trash bags because this one is the best! So if you have limited space under your kitchen sink, consider installing this easy and simple trick. Mount curtain rods/brackets under your sink and hang these bags for ease.

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Image Credit: Simply Organized

6. Dine by the window

If you don’t have enough space to set up a dining or a sitting area in your kitchen or living area- this idea is perfect for you. Not only will it refresh your senses when you sit here with your morning coffee, but it is also super convenient. Build your own cafe corner by installing this Window Bar Table.

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Image Credit: Pinterest

7. Think vertical

Pegboards are a great way of storing utensils. Not only does it look super fun, but it is also very accomodating. You can hang anything as small as a pair of scissors to anything as big as your pans. Moreover, you can even turn one of your kitchen cabinet doors into a chalkboard to keep track of your inventory or create a grocery list.

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Image Credit : Apartment Therapy

8. Skinny sliding shelf DIY is by far the best small kitchen hack you will everrr try!

Looking for space saving hacks for a small kitchen? Try thisss! So what if you don’t have enough room for a pantry, this small kitchen hack has got your back. How crazy is it that you can use that tiny space between your fridge and the door to stack your pantry? Here’s how you can make it at home!

Image credit: Classy Clutter

9. Iron Shelves = Maximum Storage

A small kitchen means that there won’t be enough space for the pantry, especially big items like grains, flour, and oil cans. Try adding a set of industrial wire shelves to your kitchen; not only are they cheap but they’re loaded with space. You can change the look of the shelves by adding baskets in natural materials like jute or cloth. This is one of those great space saving hacks for a small kitchen that looks super chic!

Image Credit: Big Family Little Farmhouse

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