Depending on the neighborhood, the average rent in New York City can be anywhere between $900 per room in a 3-bedroom apartment in Flushing to $5000 for a studio apartment in Lincoln Square. Living here ain’t cheap. So, what do you do if you’ve landed your dream job or been accepted to one of the prestigious institutions in the city? With Roomi’s list of the most affordable neighborhoods in NYC, there’s no need to give up on your dreams just yet.

Though it may sound impossible, NYC does have some affordable neighborhoods for renters, and if you find roommates to split the bills? Well, you’ve got yourself a comfortable stay in the Big Apple.

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What to expect when moving to NYC

In the words of Jay Z and Alicia Keys, living in NYC is what dreams are made of. It is the city that never sleeps, and where you only need to travel a 5-block distance from your home to find everything you could ever need. NYC is as culturally diverse as can be, where you can find people from every walk of life. Once you live in the city for a while, you’ll have collected some interesting stories to say the least.

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There’s plenty to do while you’re in the city, from marveling at the Empire State Building to counting down to the New Year at Times Square. You’ll have the opportunity to feel like a tourist no matter how long you’ve lived here. Getting around NYC is easy-peasy – you can walk to all nearby destinations or hop on the ever-reliable public transport.

Thanks to the energetic crowd living in NYC, it has become the destination for those looking for a change. Whether it’s to hunt for new opportunities or to embrace the true city life, New York City has it all. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to find affordable neighborhoods in NYC, but we’ve put together a comprehensive list, just for you!

1. Inwood

Though NYC is known as the concrete jungle, you won’t get much of that if you’re living in Inwood. Surrounded by the Hudson River, the Spuyten Duyvil Creek and the Harlem River, Inwood’s the perfect blend of typical big city structures and nature. Yep – you can still find abundant outdoors in NYC!

Take a scenic walk across wood trails or by the river, or go for a jog around the multi-use fields there. Inwood has plenty of green space. This makes it perfect for young families and those who love to be close to nature. With the average rent in the neighborhood being as low as $817 for a room in a 5-bedroom apartment or up to $1211 for a 1-bedroom apartment, moving to NYC has never looked better!

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2. Roosevelt Island

There are some proud New Yorkers that are still unfamiliar with Roosevelt Island, which just adds to its charm and makes it one of the best-value neighborhoods in NYC. Formerly home to a prison, an asylum and a smallpox hospital, Roosevelt Island got a makeover in the 20th Century, thanks to the planned community plans drawn up by architect Philip Johnson.

Today, this neighborhood features typical high-rise buildings, plazas and well-planned green spaces, making it a community living haven. Need to take a look for yourself? Take the subway to head to this neighborhood. Or, opt for the novelty of the Roosevelt Island Tramway, one of the few urban tramways you’ll find in the United States. Here, the average rent is about $1115 per room for a 4-bedroom apartment. Now, that’s definitely the best value you’ll find for NYC neighborhoods!

3. Gravesend

What if we told you that you could live in a well-connected neighborhood, close to Coney Island and the New York Aquarium. And, all for an average rent of about $780 per month for a studio apartment? Don’t believe us? Head to Gravesend and you’ll be surprised at how affordable this NYC neighborhood is. Located in South Shore Brooklyn, the connectivity of the neighborhood along with the low rent prices make it one of the most coveted areas in the city.

4. Forest Hills

Located close to the swankier neighborhoods of Astoria Heights and Long Island City in Queens, Forest Hills, surprisingly, offers affordable rent prices. Populated with Tudor-style homes for single families, the average rent here is about $1015 per room in a 3-bedroom apartment.

Forest Hills is not just home to residential buildings; you’ll find plenty of retail stores and dining outlets here too. Affordable rent and entertainment options just a stone’s throw away? Sign us up!

5. Concourse

On the hunt for affordable neighborhoods in NYC but also can’t let go of the dream of living close to the Yankee Stadium? Well, Concourse is the place for you! Here, average rent is about $843 per room in a 2-bedroom apartment, but that’s not all that this neighborhood offers.

Living in this NYC neighborhood means you’ll be close to some of the major attractions of the city. This neighborhood is populated with various apartment styles, so whether you’re planning to shift with your family, or prefer a bachelor pad, you’ll find options aplenty. Concourse’s proximity to shopping centers and mass transit make it one of the most convenient neighborhoods in NYC. Once you’ve snagged a room in this neighborhood, you’ll never want to leave.

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Affordable neighborhoods in NYC aren’t a myth – you just have to keep your eyes peeled! Your dream apartment at your dream price is waiting for you. You just need to know where to look. Of course, living with a roommate helps when you want to keep expenses low, and helps you make a new friend in a brand-new city.

Tired of scouring the internet and not finding affordable rooms for rent in NYC? Roomi makes it easy not only to find apartments within your budget, but also to sort them according to your preferred amenities.