Welcome Merrymakers! As you know, Christmas is the best time of the year for most of us. The delicious food, the carol singing, the chilly weather, the Christmas decor, and the whole holiday season vibe in general is just perfect. However, Christmas 2020 is extra special as we are bidding adieu to the most challenging year in decades. So in the spirit of merry goodbyes to negativity, here are some unique (DIY) hygge Christmas decoration ideas to deck your halls.

So, Christmas aesthetics, here we come!

Ice skates wreath

As much as we love our traditional wreaths, it can sometimes get monotonous. Since this year hasn’t been anywhere close to our expectations, unique and unexpected decorations are in order – don’t you think? So this Christmas 2020, bring out your gorgeous skates, add pom-poms, holiday greens, and silver ornaments. If you don’t have ice skates, try combat boots – just make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Credits: Brian Woodcock

DIY citrus garland

If you want to add a subtle change to your traditional Christmas decorations, then try this DIY! Because it adds an extra pop of color and leaves a citrusy aroma in the air, it’s one of the greatest hacks ever! So, use twine, nylon thread, or wire to assemble it! These citrus slices can be used as Christmas ornaments on the tree or around the house as decor. Here’s how you can dry the slices at home. It’s a quintessential part of the hygge Christmas experience!

Credits: Brain Woodcock

DIY tiny star hanging

A dainty DIY Christmas decoration for folks who love to keep things simple. The size of the stars in the hanging can be made to your liking. We personally like the small size as it adds an effortless & elegant charm. It’s so beautiful that you will have these on long after Christmas!

Get the tutorial here!

Caption: Delineate Your Dwelling

DIY rosemary star

This is a merry fragrant one! Uhhh… we meant *very! Grab your glue gun, a handful of popsicle sticks, and rosemary twigs for this DIY. Then tap on this awesome tutorial by Martha Stewart to get started.

Credits: Martha Stewart
Credits: Martha Stewart

DIY napkin detail

This is a simple DIY trick to add an instant holiday vibe to your dinner table. All you need is sturdy napkins, twine, tree trimmings/greenery, and cinnamon sticks. Easy, peasy, and super breezy!

Credits: Pinterest

Hygge DIY candle wreath

Another elegant and minimal half wreath that’s sure to leave you and your guests in awe. Get the tutorial here!

PS. Please don’t leave the candle unattended if you’re planning to light it. We recommend using this just as decor.

Credits: Francois et Moi

DIY green baubles

A simple yet unique and elegant DIY Christmas decoration. So for this, you need transparent baubles and some herbs like eucalyptus or rosemary. Even pine would work well. Once ready, you can collectively hang the baubles on the wall or use them as Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree sparsely. Because, remember, the more vacant and sparse your tree, the more elegant the finishing look.

Here’s a tutorial!

Credits: vtwonen
Credits: vtwonen

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Taper candles in clear bottles

This minimalistic, elegant Christmas DIY needs no tutorial. Because, all you need are a few clear glass bottles, different tree trimmings, and white taper/hand-dipped candles that can fit the mouth of the bottles without dropping them in them. Hygge Christmas much? Indeed!

Credits: Traumzuhause

Marbled Christmas ornament

Make your Christmas tree ornaments extra special by adding a loving DIY touch to them. So, grab a willing roomi to make these gorgeous marbled Christmas ornaments in your favorite color! But make sure to follow this amazing tutorial by Sugar and Charm!

Credits: Sugar & Charm

DIY tiny Christmas tree

This cute little Christmas tree will add plenty of merry and charm wherever you place it. So, here’s what you need for this cutesy Christmas tree: a sturdy branch spray-painted, a vase that can support this branch, and your fav Christmassy ornaments.

Here’s a quick tutorial by the Lovely Drawer!

Credits: The Lovely Drawer

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