After many months of uncertainty and anxiety, we can all use some bright and cheerful vibes around us! And what better way to do it than with new home decoration ideas? Although many of us won’t be spending this Hanukkah with family, we can still make the most of this meaningful festival. Read along for decor trends that can be crossed over to Christmas tree decoration ideas, Halloween decoration ideas, and even wedding decoration ideas!

So what if you’re spending this Hanukkah with only a few friends? Don’t stress. The candles, the prayers, the blessings, the commemoration, and the delicious food will still make this festival eight days of a happy Hanukkah!

Therefore, it is time to make the most of what you have – maybe this is the real traditional way!

Here are some affordable and DIY home decoration ideas for your house this holiday season.

1. A Painted branch menorah

The menorah is the center of the celebration on all eight days. The original Hanukkah menorah is said to have resembled a tree, so let’s get back to basics with this branch menorah painted in silver. Find a 16- to 20-inch branch with a raised knot (for the shamash), drill equidistant holes, and paint the branch silver.

Here are some instructions to help you do it yourself!

Credit: Linda Pugliese

2. Craft-stick Star of David

Hanukkah decor is incomplete without the Star of David. However simple it may be, the symbol bears significance for those who celebrate the festival. Make a few plain, yet bright, stars using craft sticks painted in silver and blue. You can both hang these and use them as table decoration.

Check out these simple DIY instructions!

Credit: Zoe, Evermine

3. Dreidel door hangings

The other important decor that you simply have to surround yourself with during Hanukkah is the dreidel. Dreidels bear Hebrew letters and symbolize “a miracle happened here.” Simultaneously, make dreidels from blue craft paper and hang them decoratively on your front door to welcome guests with a festive vibe.

DIY instructions coming right up!

Credit: Rita

4. Star of David wreath

There’s no such thing as too many Stars of David when it comes to Hanukkah decor! Moreover, why not try making your very own charming rustic Star of David using natural materials? Simply hang this stunning wreath star on your front door or on a bare wall.

Source: Pinterest.

Learn how you can do it yourself here!

5. Tie-dye table runner

Add some Hanukkah colors to your table (along with some yummy festive treats!) with a tie-dye runner. A long white or off-white cloth and some blue dye are really all you need. Additionally, you can use a plain off-white or blue table runner with small contrasting Stars of David painted towards the far edges.

Here are some easy-to-follow DIY instructions!

Source: Pinterest.

6. Chocolate gelts

Now we’re talking! Meet our favorite type of Hanukkah decor – the delicious ones that we can eat! Make your own chocolate coins this Hanukkah; all they need is a few minutes of baking.

Finally, the advantage here is that you can customize the taste to your liking. These easy-to-make gelts need chocolate and some edible gold luster dust.

Try making your own chocolate coins with these instructions.

Source: Pinterest.

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7. Flower vases out of wine bottles

Your tables definitely need some sparkles, glitter and floral decor to get in the true festive spirit. For example, upcycle any old glass bottles by simply painting them gold or silver, and arrange some pretty flowers or place some candles inside them.

Keep reading for some useful DIY instructions.

Source: Pinterest.

8. Hanging dreidels or dreidel garland

The more dreidels, the merrier! For example, hang some more colorful paper dreidels inside your house and decorate the walls with garlands of them. After all, there’s nothing like a splash of color during the festive season!

Source: Pinterest.

Want to give it a go? Here’s some simple DIY instructions.

9. Countdown calendar

One corner of your house can be made festive with a Hanukkah countdown calendar. To illustrate, use eight strips of clothes or streamers (for the eight festival days) and old magazines are all you need for this fun decoration. Very clever!

Try it yourself at home with these arts and crafts instructions.

Source: Pinterest.

10. Festive serving dishes

There’s no need to buy new dishes just for the festival! Temporarily decorate your ceramic plates and bowls with thin strips of foil tape and serve your Hanukkah treats on them instead! These can be taken a step fancy and used as wedding decoration ideas.

Source: Pinterest

11. Candle shades from tin cans

Make your own Hanukkah-themed candle shades by punching symbols in tin cans and painting over them in shades of blue. Additionally, the metal is perfect to hold candles inside for long periods. Use these as centerpieces or to light up corners of your home. These can be reused as Halloween decoration ideas as well!

Source: Pinterest.

12. Strings of blue and silver lights

Lastly, fairy lights instantly make a place merry. To illustrate, go with the Hanukkah festival colors and decorate your windows and walls with strings of blue and silver lights. Nothing says festivities better than bright cheerful lights. Alternatively, these can be used as Christmas tree decoration ideas as well!

Source: Pinterest.

For instance, you can buy candles in white, off-white, silver, and shades of blue and place them on your tables and windowsills to give your place a festive glow.

Hanukkah sameach!

Basically, feel free to adapt any of these holiday home decoration ideas to christmas tree decoration ideas, halloween decoration ideas and even wedding decoration ideas! DIY and easy to do!

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