With the current scenario of the world wanting us to spend most of our time cooped up inside our apartments, one of the few ways to feel better is by giving our homes a makeover every now and then.

And when it comes to redecorating, a blend of our personal style and our intuitive sense for home decor can help us achieve the kind of environment we want for our home.

So whether you’re looking to decorate your newly inhabited NYC apartment, or want a new look for your apartment or room, here’s something that will help you out!

We’ve collated some of the best tips and tricks from New York’s best interior designers to give you the home decor ‘aha’ moment you deserve.

1. Art for your home decor project!

If your walls feel naked to you, dress them up with the art you love. The good news is you don’t have to be a collector or a very rich person for adorning your apartment or room with art. With a few simple hacks, you can make your walls look beautiful.

White Arrow‘s Keren Richter shares this viewpoint with refinery29 as he talks about a tiny Nolita apartment that he worked on. He says he was able to transform the apartment and make it feel more spacious on a very small budget.

His modern home decor tip: “Framing and matting art can be wildly expensive, but a cheap way to display imagery is to find frames at thrift stores and paint them black or white. Then make art to fill them or resize images to fit.”

Source: refinery29.com

2. Embrace the home decor work in progress

The fact of the matter is, your apartment will always be a work in progress, just like you. So don’t be in a hurry to reach your home decor destination! Just enjoy the journey, adding beautiful elements as and when they come your way.

Blair Harris talks about this as she shares how she has been adorning her apartment with textures, art, and objects she’s collected over the years, and still continues to do so.

Her modern home decor tip: “Collect art and other meaningful decorative objects gradually, and only buy what you love. Our apartment is a constant work in progress, as I’m always adding to a collection of pieces we adore.”

Source: refinery29.comx

3. Good home decor fits in small apartments

Living in NYC, we all know the troubles of the super small space that we might have to call our home. But a small space does not have to limit you when it comes to home decor!

As Kimberly Winthrop, designer at Laurel & Wold suggests, use furniture and objects that can serve multiple purposes. This will help create more space and save money when decorating your small NYC apartment.

Her modern home decor tip: "With a little bit of research, you can easily find a host of products that can do double duty in your home. An ottoman, for example, can have hidden storage and be a place to put up your feet. By adding a tray, it can also serve as a coffee table, providing an extra surface to place a drink when hosting friends."
Source: unsplash.com

4. Add some color to your home decor palette

Color has positive effects on our mood. It can make the dreary winter months feel a bit brighter and the summer months feel more vibrant and cool too. So add lovely hues that suit the season and transform your apartment into the haven that makes you happy.

Young Huh‘s modern home decor tip: “Fabric curtains immediately add luxurious structure and color to a room.”

Source: unsplash.com

5. Blend masculine and feminine elements in your home decor

Did you know there are masculine and feminine elements that are characteristic of the furniture and other objects in your home? And it doesn’t depend on what gender you belong to!

Laura Umansky talks about how your apartment or room can be made interesting and fun just by blending complementing masculine and feminine elements the right way.

She says that the soft, gentle feminine styles contrasted with the sleek and structured masculine tones in your home decor can help captivate all the senses.

Her modern home decor tip: The tension between feminine and masculine styles adds complexity and depth. Mix moody colors with curved chairs. Pair square tables with round mirrors. Combine clean lines with organic, free-form shapes.

Source: lovehappensmag.com