Do you have pesky bugs living rent-free in your apartment? Cockroaches, in particular, are just waiting for you to go to sleep, so they can invite their roach friends around and party in your kitchen. Are they eating your snacks and giving you unpleasant surprise visits? Making you scream and run around the house like a big scared baby? Are you desperately looking for some DIY pest control solutions to get rid of those nasty roaches?

Fret not, folks! We have a series of homemade solutions to your roach troubles.

?Manage Roach Infestations

Here are some natural and safe DIY pest control solutions to combat the intrusion.

Fun Fact: A group of cockroaches is called an intrusion.

1. The buzz kill

Strength: 4/5

A true buzz kill for all the roaches chilling in your pantry and other areas of your home. For this, you will need baking soda and onions. Dice the onions, sprinkle with baking soda, and keep the smelly solution in the spots most frequented by the bugs.

2. The sticky fix

Strength: 5/5

This is an effective homemade solution to get rid of roaches naturally. For this, all you need is duct tape and a piece of food. Place the tape strips sticky side up with food and plant these traps around the house. This trap will also help you uncover the most infested places in your home.

3. The sweet truth aka our favorite DIY pest control

Strength- 4/5

Boric acid is a much less toxic way to fix your roach troubles than most bug sprays and insecticide options available in the market today. Most store-bought sprays are loaded with harmful chemicals that can linger in the air for very long. Boric acid is an extracted, processed, and refined form of Borax, found in various chemical products, and this hack combines Boric acid with peanut butter! Get the hack here!

4. DEath trap

Strength: 5/5

Diatomaceous earth(DE) is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock crumbled into a fine powder. It’s an all-natural substance that’s known for its powerful properties that help in pest control. A little DE dust can help with even the biggest roach infestations. For this hack, combine powdered sugar and food-grade DE dust and spread this mixture in the hiding spots and surfaces where roaches love to hang out.

Safety tip: DE may be natural, but even the food-grade variety can be harmful if inhaled. Keep it out of reach of pets and kids. Also, wear safety gear (gloves and face mask) when using DE.

?Kill ’em with kindness

If you want to reserve your conscience and not kill the bugs at all, you can. Here are some great natural & homemade hacks to repel roaches and to keep them at bay.

Don’t forget – you can avoid infestations by keeping your kitchen clean. Alternatively, if they keep crawling your way, you can try these roach traps and these amazing repelling hacks.

6. Out of roaches

Here’s an awesome humane trap for our uninvited guests. For this hack, you’ll need a glass jar, bait, and petroleum jelly. Now place the bait at the bottom of the jar and rub some petroleum jelly inside the upper half section of the bottle. Place a straw/stick so the roaches can use it as a ramp to climb in. The star of this trap is petroleum jelly that stops the roaches from crawling out. Once all your guests are in the jar, you can take them to a park and release them.

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7. Cease ’em, grease ’em

A fragrant hack to keep those annoying cockroaches away. Essential oils like peppermint, lemongrass, cypress, and even catnip oil are proven to repel roaches because of their powerful aroma. Dilute any of these oils in water and add to a spray bottle to use.

8. At bay

Another great home remedy to repel roaches is bay leaf. Just lay them out in your cabinets, closets, and kitchen area to keep them at bay (literally!).

Roomi Tip: Roaches love water so make sure you keep your kitchen and bathroom dry. Making your home inaccessible to roaches is the single best remedy to infestations. Make sure you keep drains covered and any other holes and wall crevices blocked to avoid intrusion. Stay safe and roach-free!

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