Swamped with work or busy looking for work? We’re all stuck in the same work from home situation RN. A daydream that played on loop before, has now become a dreaded reality. TBH, today work from home has lost its dreamy charm along with the freedom associated with it. The urge to work, seated in a quaint little cafe, amidst the melodious hum of conversations and ambient music, is quickly becoming our newfound dream. However, you shouldn’t strive to visit one given the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in many states. Don’t be disheartened though we have some home decor tips to bring the cafe vibes home!

Tips to make your work from home office work for you?

Step into the land of DIY (Dream It Yourself), then proceed to DO it yourself.

  1. Start by adding a spoon full of productivity tips to work from home effectively. We shall reveal some
  2. Then make your home office pleasantly inviting, by taking inspiration from the cafes you have always loved! Both of which you will find below. Let’s get started!

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1. First things first, get it together!

It’s been a long time since we were first sent to work from home to help flatten the curve, meaning it’s likely that the pile of clothes on the sofa has been on a steady rise.

Some say that a messy environment is conducive to creative thoughts, but that might not always be the case. When it comes to clearing your head and gaining a fresh perspective, you need to clean that mess! (You could go the Marie Kondo way by organizing your home once and never having to do it again if that’s something you want to explore.) We promise this activity will lighten your mood instantly. In fact, this is the first step for anyone looking for tips to work from home productively.

Water your side of the grass

If the grass seems to be greener on the other side, maybe you just haven’t been maintaining your side properly. Now could be the perfect time to introduce yourself to the art of gardening.

A therapeutic activity that can really lower your expenses in the long run, you can discover a lot of online resources to grow beautiful and useful indoor plants. Growing your own herb garden will reduce the stress associated with working from home and will help you gain a perspective on growth and renewal in these trying times. Not only will the green help you with focus & productivity at work it also doubles as easy home decor.

Invest in better gear for your work from home office

Put retail therapy to better use! While you’re scrolling for things to buy off of the internet, why not buy things that will make your lockdown work life more comfortable? Unpredictable working hours and unsuitable seating, while you work from home, can risk your physical health. Whether it’s buying a pretty work desk and chair for your home office from IKEA, or a rustic looking bookshelf that reminds you of your favorite cafe, it’s best to make that investment and save yourself back troubles in the future. These essential home decor beauties will definitely lighten up your space! Because let’s face it – you don’t really need another pair of shoes.

Try your hand at DIY home decor

If you’re planning to take some time off of the internet and find inner peace, making your own home decor is one of the best ways to have fun and get creative. You’ll keep your hands busy, making it impossible to stay glued to your screens, and it will help keep your focus on the task at hand. You can find a number of DIY projects that make use of cheap materials. (Think Macrame, crochet, or painting) You can even recycle and re-use stuff you already have but have no use for anymore. You can add these DIYs to your home office to bring ’em cafe vibes home.

Use baking aroma to bring cafe vibes to your home office

Fill your apartment with the sweet fragrance of tea or coffee! If you love baking try to add some cake, biscuits or muffins to the mix for that perfect cafe aroma. Baking has become the activity-of-choice for many of us home dwellers, and we think these are the reasons:

a) Baking can be a great, therapeutic activity to get your mind off of things and enjoy the present moment. Also, a tasty way to take a break from work!

b) No one will know or judge you for eating an entire cake by yourself while you’re stuck inside!

The great outdoors

Have an empty outdoor space? Put chairs and a table – or a mat and some cushions if you prefer to chill out on the floor. This is a quick way to add boho cafe vibes that will pair well with your morning coffee. You could even attach a tiny bell to the door of your balcony to remind you of classic cafe doors!

If you live with a roomi, plan a coffee/wine date with them. Impress them with your new home decor, and lose yourselves to the changing skies of the city. Because we all need a break from that laptop screen every now and again.

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