Moving in NYC isn’t the most exciting of tasks but certainly not as scary as some say. Here are a few myths related to moving apartments in NYC that hold little to no ground.

Moving In NYC Myth#1 All Movers are shady

Everyone has this idea about movers, cut-rate brutes who will chuck your belongings into a dirty truck, and hope that most of your things are merely scratched. They’d rather pressgang their friends into helping with the promise of pizza and beer at the end of back-breaking work.

But this isn’t the case, and frankly, you get what you pay for. You’re more likely to damage your stuff with your buddies who don’t know what they’re doing, than if you get professional movers who have a vested interest and experience in moving people’s belongings in a timely and safe manner. Go to review sites, such as Yelp or The Better Business Bureau to find well reviewed movers and get your items to your new home securely.

Myth#2 Moving apartments in NYC is stressful work because of all the packing

Images fill the mind of people in back braces, lifting a person’s weight in books and furniture all day, only to do it all again when you get there. Playing real life Tetris trying to fit as most as possible into the truck so that you don’t have to make as many trips.

There are simple tricks you can do to make moving in NYC easier. If you have containers, such as jars or empty vases, you can fill them with smaller things, so that you know where everything is. Everyone has a drawer of plastic cutlery and disposable plates, there’s no reason to bring those with you, use them up and start packing your silverware early. Anything you can do to incorporate packing into the normal activities of your life will help make it less stressful for you.

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Myth#3 Moving to a new place will bring new problems

You know your super or landlord, and presumably you have an alright relationship with them. Anything you need fixed or dealt with gets a speedy response, generally speaking. But you don’t know your new people from a hole in the wall, and what if they are more lackadaisical in their duties?

Most of the time, your problems are going to be small in nature, though the ego and stress can make it seem bigger. Get yourself a small tool kit and a how-to book of house repairs, and until you can see if your super is reliable, you can have the backup up of doing it yourself, and additionally, a little self-reliance is always a good thing. Especially when moving in NYC!

Fear not your shift from uptown to below 72nd. Myths are just that, you’ll make it just fine to your new stoop.

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