If you’ve ever tried to find a roommate in NYC using Craigslist or Facebook, you’ll know that it’s a tiresome process that doesn’t guarantee satisfaction. A roommate finder is a perfect solution to the stress, and risk you’ll otherwise be faced with in your roommate search. There’s also a ton of them out there – enough to make you confused as to which option to go for. We’ve narrowed down that long list to just two of the most commonly used roommate finders in NYC; Roomi and Perfect Strangers. So, which of these two is now the best? Let’s find out.

Pricing: Are these roommate finder apps free or paid?

It costs an apartment to use the Perfect Stranger of NYC roommate service – and we mean that literally. Before you are paired with a roommate, you have to first find an apartment you like on their listing. Usually, apartments on the website cost around $800 – $1800 monthly.

Subsequently, one of the roommate matchmakers will financially qualify you (i.e. check that you meet the income requirement of the landlord). Only then will you be introduced to potential roommates that have been pre-vetted. This can be a really tiresome process for some. There is also a $50 roommate application fee that’s hefty compared to another roommate-finding platform.

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And then there is Roomi, an alternative to Perfect Strangers of NYC. Roomi allows you to sign up and search for roommates for free. As a free user, you can send up to 5 messages/swipes daily and can post or activate 2 listings. It gets even better with the Roomi Gold subscription. For a paid subscription that varies based on the tier you’re in (personal user or business user), you get to enjoy additional features like identity verification, background checks, limitless messaging, a verified partner badge, and a listing boost that allows puts you in front of more eyes. Generally, you can expect to pay $14.99 for the weekly plan or $29.99 for the monthly plan. If you’re going to choose based on pricing, Roomi is the better roommate finder between the two alternatives.

Security: Can these apps help me find roommates I can trust?

A place you call home should also be one that you consider secure. How secure can you be if you do not trust your roommate? How can you trust someone you aren’t sure is telling you the truth? Maybe you’ll find yourself sleeping with one eye open or with your running shoes on.

What if you could better ensure your safety when searching for a roommate? What if you could be sure that your roommate is who they claim they are? Roommate finders allow you that choice, particularly Roomi. Consider the following features to see how it does.

Verification of roommate contact info

Of all roommate finders, Perfect Strangers of NYC is not particular about the verification of the contact info of its users. While there are human verification specialists, called roommate matchmakers, they are assigned to manage the user experience of potential clients, match compatible roommates, and ensure such clients can afford their choice of apartments.

Roomi provides a better alternative to perfect strangers of NYC. The services makes the security of its users a priority. As such, it ensures the contact email and phone number of every user is obtained, verified for legitimacy, and kept secure. It does this using the GlobalID service. It also conducts a background check on user requests. When Roomi’s matching algorithm pairs you with someone, you can be sure it is someone whose identity has been verified.

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ID verifications for potential roommates

In the process of financially pre-qualifying users who have found a room on their website, Perfect Strangers will confirm if the user can afford the rent and other utilities, and that’s it. The authenticity of the ID is not requested, nor is it a concern.

Roomi prides itself on being concerned about the security of its users. Thus, it does the needful – verifying a government-issued ID and seeing if it matches the details provided on the profile. This way, you know for sure that your potential roommate is who they claim to be, and not just a scam waiting to happen. People who get the ID verification done can expect to get a verification badge, which also increases your chances of finding the perfect roommate.

Privacy & security of profiles

Privacy is not a strong forte of Perfect Strangers of NYC. Rooms and roommates that are available can be found displayed on the website of Perfect Strangers. A list of roommates and their profile info is also accessible even to a non-registered user browsing the website. This is removed once you find a compatible roommate and the lease is paid. If you like your privacy and are particular about protecting your information online, Perfect Strangers is not the website for you.

Contrarily, as an alternative to perfect strangers of NYC, Roomi keeps it private and personal. Sure, your profile is visible to registered users but it only contains limited personal identifying information. This is because Roomi uses the GlobaliD service to verify and secure your information. It also has a secure in-app messaging service that allows you chat up potential roommates and talk without sharing any personal details. Now, that is amazing.

Even in the case of a hack, your information will still be secure as it is not kept on Roomi servers. Again, you have total control of your information – in line with GDPR standards – as you can choose what YOU want to show on your profile or hide.

24/7 support & content moderation

Since you need to get a room first, Perfect Strangers support team is made up of mostly real estate agents who can help you through the lease signing, and drawing of agreements. They also offer in-person or virtual tours of rooms and manage the process of financially pre-qualifying potential roommates, and the handling and delivery of all payment receipts. This is all the support there is.

Perfect Stranger’s alternative, Roomi, has an in-house content moderation team that provides support for users. They work in the background to ensure that anyone conducting a roommate search finds it easy. They also moderate content on the app, weeding out spam and scam messages.

Criminal background check

Unfortunately, again, Perfect Strangers of NYC do not conduct any criminal background check. But Roomi does. Information of registered users, is on request, verified against global and local databases. While it is not 100% foolproof, it brings satisfaction knowing that to a large extent, your potential roommate is not a criminal.

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User Profiles: Which app makes it easier to find your perfect roommate?

There are plenty of roommate finders out there, but the easiest to find your perfect roommate is Roomi. It allows for easy navigation both on the web platform and on the app. The app is also available on android and iOS. Perfect Strangers takes stock of your preferences by asking you to fill in a roommate questionnaire or to talk to a roommate matcher. However, Roomi has more filters that allow you to be more specific in your description. And it’s all there. An age filter that allows you to choose a senior roommate if that’s what you want, an LGBTQ+-friendly filter that helps you choose who you want as a roommate, a house rules filter that lets you state what kind of house rules you want, and more. The roommate matching algorithm takes these preset filters into consideration to find the perfect roommate for you.

So, which is the best roommate finder for you?

Moving to any metro city is stressful. Looking for a roommate adds another layer of complexity to it. But roommate finders simplify the process. We’ve been there and done it. It’s why Roomi prioritizes its users’ safety, security, and privacy even in the search for a roommate.

Undoubtedly, between Perfect Strangers of NYC and Roomi, Roomi is the best roommate finder for you. It is an all-in-one app that allows you to find rooms and roommates. It does this while guaranteeing your security and protecting your information.

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!