“Mom, I do this walk everyday, I’ll be fine!” Your parents might worry about you living in the big city. But at least they won’t have to worry about who you are living with. Roomi is excited to offer thorough background checks in NYC from September 5th to October 5 th only. And the background checks will cost just $6.99!

When it comes to searching for rooms and roommates we believe safety is everything. Now, in addition to verifying potential roomies’ social media accounts, you can require background checks in NYC to really get to know who they are before you decide to live together.

Putting the “I” in ID: What the new background check looks for

Roomi’s new background checks in NYC are incredibly thorough. And it applies to both people listing rooms and those searching for them. The background check will find criminal records involving violence, theft, sexual or substance abuse, fraud and property damage.

What it doesn’t cover is crimes against fashion, unfortunately! There’s no guarantee your roommate’s pet isn’t a serial shoe chewer either… but at least you know your shoes won’t get stolen!

Roomi’s security partners for background checks in NYC: Identity.com

The way our background checks work is pretty straightforward. The first step is to verify your identity. Then the powerful and easy to use service scans IDs to ensure you are who you say you are. Then, Roomi sends the info to the security pros at Identity.com, who handle the full-blown background checks in NYC.

Save big with Roomi’s limited time introductory rate for background checks in NYC

Once you successfully complete the background checks, you will earn a special badge on your Roomi profile. This is so potential roommates can quickly see if you have completed the background check. Those of you who do the background check will have a big advantage in finding the best roommate possible.

There’s no charge for background checks in NYC on Roomi if you’re listing a room. But if you are searching for a room, there’s normally a $24.99 fee. We say “normally,” because this fall we are running an introductory deal on the whole thing. So get yourself verified now, save some cash (like $18 to be exact!) and find the best roommate opportunities around on Roomi.  

Press Release:

Roomi Launches Tools for Background Checks in NYC to Screen Potential Renters

NEW YORK, September 5, 2017 – Roomi, the leading shared housing marketplace, announced today it will begin using tools for background checks in NYC to ensure that users can safely vet and connect with prospective roommates when they list their vacant rooms on the platform. The tools will ensure that current tenants (listers) and prospective roommates (movers) do not have a criminal record. The new tool for background checks in NYC will enhance the likelihood of a safe, trustworthy environment for both the lister and the mover. The background check will include a search for criminal records involving violence, theft, sexual or substance abuse, fraud and property damage.

What is the process for background checks?

A mover or lister must verify their identification as per the norms of background checks in NYC. As an applicant you will be asked to confirm your identity through a social media site such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Then provide proof of their identity by uploading their driver’s license or by confirming personal information. 75 percent of users connect social media platforms to their accounts.  After the applicant’s identification is verified, Roomi forwards the information to Identity.com to run the background check. Roomi will launch a special $7 introductory campaign for 30 days from September 5 to October 5. This special offer is reduced from the standard price of $24.99. Listers can be screened at no charge.

After successfully passing background checks in NYC, Roomi will issue a special badge to respective movers and listers. Thereafter, it will be attached to profiles in the messaging area of Roomi’s platform.

“At Roomi, our success is dependent on the safety and satisfaction of our users. Our background check service will provide an extra level of safety for both listers and movers. It will help build trust between the two parties, which we recognize is very important when choosing a place to live.”

Ajay Yadav, CEO at Roomi

Thus far, several hundred people have enrolled.

About Roomi

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