Moving to a new city stressing you out? Finding the perfect pad on a budget is no joke, but with roommates, you can split the rent. If you’ve tried your luck on Craiglist or Facebook but still found yourself without any good leads, we’ve got you.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to two room finder apps that might actually help. Enter Roomi and Roommate Nation. Which is the best roommate finder in terms of price and security? Which one has the best website to find roommates? Read on for a comparative Roommate Nation and Roomi review.

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Pricing: Are these roommate finder apps free or paid?

A crucial factor in determining the best roommate finder is if there are any fees involved.

Under a free Roommate Nation account, you can search for rooms and roommates on the site. You can check out listings that display a space’s features and the monthly rent. If you’re a property owner, you can also post your apartment for free. However, the perks end there. Messaging and boosting listings are locked until you subscribe to a paid plan. Plan options include two-day access ($7.99), 30-day access ($9.99), or a lifetime membership ($11.99).

With Roomi, you can also search for rooms and roommates for free. As a free user, you can send five messages or swipes per day, and activate up to two listings.  This is just one example of how much more you get out of Roomi as a Roommate Nation alternative.

When you sign up for the Roomi Gold subscription, you’ll get even more value for money. First, you need to choose between a personal or a business plan. Personal users get unlimited messaging, identity verification, and a ranking boost for seven times more views on listings. Depending on the business tier you choose, you can also get a verified partner badge, unlimited listings, and unlimited messaging. Pay either $29.99 for one month or $14.99 for a week.

With Roommate Nation, features are very limited even with a paid account, and there’s no verification process either. Based on this part of our Roommate Nation review, it’s safe to say that Roomi takes the cake.

Security: Can these apps help me find roommates I can trust?

Imagine if you’re an international student and you’re moving all alone to a big city. You have no family or friends in the area you can call for help. Scary, right? This is why it’s important you find safe roomies you not only get along with but can trust. After all, no one wants to end up living a potential axe murderer. As you look for a website to find roommates, make sure it does criminal background checks and ID verification. That way, you can be sure you’re moving in with safe roomies.

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Roomi vs. Roommate Nation: Verification of Roommate Contact Info

Wondering why it’s important to verify a roommate’s contact information? Well, it confirms that an actual person is signed into the app and that they are who they claim. These days, it’s common to find bots or false accounts online. So how does Roommate Nation fare against Roomi in this aspect?

When you sign up as a Roommate Nation user, you do need to share some information. This includes your email address, gender, date of birth, and if you need or have a room. That’s it. Note that anybody could fake these details because once you’re registered, you don’t need to share proof of your identity. Even if you create an honest profile, you’re can’t be sure your contact info will be kept safe and secure.

As a Roommate Nation alternative, Roomi verifies both a user’s phone number and email address using the digital identity platform GlobaliD. Users are required to create a GlobaliD and connect it with Roomi. Through this system, GlobaliD verifications describe something about users that a third-party agency has verified to be true. It’s a far cry from Roommate Nation’s basic sign-up process, which doesn’t include any user verification. This major investment speaks volumes about how much Roomi values the legitimacy of information shared by users. It’s also clear that Roomi is the winner in this part of our Roomi and Roommate Nation review.

ID verification

Because Roommate Nation’s sign-up process does not include ID verification, it would be super easy to create a fake profile. As mentioned, when you register, you’re not even asked for an ID to prove who you are. Plus, there’s no way you can be 100% certain that the platform is secure. This makes all in-app correspondences and transactions automatically feel unsafe.

With Roomi, roommates need to go through a background check. Aside from the standard ID verification, users also need to add their social media account as an additional security measure. Once verified, you’ll see their profiles marked with a “premium” badge.

This Roommate Nation alternative also lets you choose who can message you by approving or declining chat requests. You can filter roommates by neighborhood, age, gender, and when they were last active. All these additional features ensure you’re able to find a suitable roommate you can trust and feel safe around.

Roomi vs. Roommate Nation: Privacy and Security of Profiles

Roommate Nation users won’t be able to see other members’ email addresses. But anyone, without signing in, can view listings. The app doesn’t have an explicit security clause either, so you’ll have to bear that in mind when you use their app. This could potentially indicate security loopholes in their system.

As mentioned, Roomi uses industry-leading security practices and the GlobaliD verification system. It collects your personal information and usage data through GlobaliD’s state-of-the-art public-key cryptography framework. Your private data is then safely stored in the GlobaliD vault, which cannot be accessed or shared without your explicit consent.

Only fully verified users who have undergone a background check will be displayed on the platform. Plus, your address will be kept private and only an approximate location listed. Potential roommates can check out your bio, as well as your roommate and moving preferences. You’ll be able to see from the get-go if they smoke, have pets, and what their budget is. All super handy information so you can find the best roommate faster. In the unlikely event that Roomi gets hacked, your data will be secure as it is not kept on Roomi servers.

Users are also protected as Roomi complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as GDPR. This means you can always ask for your info to be removed once you’ve found a roommate. On top of the GDPR, users of Roommate Nation alternative Roomi can enjoy secure in-app messaging to contact potential roommates without sharing personal info. Plus, their team will never collect data about you by looking into your chats with fellow users. By this point in our Roomi and Roommate Nation review, we’re sure you know which room finder is the better choice…

24/7 Support & Content Moderation

If you’re using a website to find roommates, it’s crucial that you’re able to get help if you encounter hiccups. What if you finally found the perfect room and roommate, but suddenly encountered a glitch? You also want that peace of mind that someone’s constantly getting rid of bad listings and spammy content. Speedy customer support and reliable content moderation should be part of any roommate finder’s services.

Roommate Nation does have a dedicated “Contact Us” page for users to reach them on. The problem is that it’s only for issues encountered with a PayPal upgrade. Users might be using this to send complaints, but based on reviews, it seems tough to get a response.

As a Roommate Nation alternative, Roomi gives you more than the standard customer support. Plus, they’ve got an in-house content moderation team working away to filter out any spammy content or bad listings. This gives users peace of mind that they’re dealing with legit and verified listings in a spam-free environment. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of a content moderation team at Roommate Nation.

Roomi vs. Roommate Nation: Criminal Background Check

There are always bad people out there waiting for the perfect chance to pounce on unsuspecting users. ID verification offers some protection, but people can still conceal a criminal history without you knowing. Getting a thorough criminal background check will help to make sure that your roommate’s not a felon!

Roomi’s background check scans for criminal records under offense categories of fraud, sex, substance abuse, theft, and violence, among others. Roommate Nation, on the other hand, doesn’t offer criminal background checks for its users and applicants. With that in mind, we’re sure you’ve figured out which the best room finder is by now…

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User Profiles: Which App Makes It Easier to Find Your Perfect Roommate?

While both Roomi and Roommate Nation allow you to find potential roommates, Roommate Nation doesn’t have as many filters. Roommate Nation asks you about your interests and activities but doesn’t cover your roommate preferences. This makes things challenging as you need to check out every profile with interests that match yours. When you search for roommates, you’ll also notice that a lot have incomplete information and no profile photo, which is a major red flag.

With Roomi, you have comprehensive filters based on amenities and house rules. You can select if you prefer non-smokers and vegetarians or if you don’t mind having couples around. You can also choose whether it’s okay for your roommate to have pets. These are important things to consider, especially if you have allergies or a particular diet.

Apart from a great roommate matching algorithm, Roomi’s interface is also clean-looking and easy to navigate. Hands down, Roomi makes it quick and convenient for you to find the perfect roommate since you have more info at your disposal.

So, which is the Best Roommate Finder for You?

Hopefully, this review of Roommate Nation and Roomi serves as a helpful guide as you transition to a new city. We know moving can be challenging, but thanks to technology, things can be a little easier to accomplish online. It’s a convenient place to find potential roommates and a new pad to fit your budget. This is why having a reliable and secure app makes all the difference!

When your app prioritizes safety, data privacy, convenience, and pricing moving become a secure experience and less of a hassle. As a Roommate Nation alternative with more features and better security, Roomi is the best room finder of the two hands-down. Try the all-in-one Roomi app today to find the best room and roommate for you!

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!