A lot happened at Roomi in 2017 but we’re really excited about growing to over 1 million registered users (thanks ya’ll!). That’s a lot of people looking for a room rental or roommate. From East to West, the shared housing marketplace is growing as people look for more flexible housing options that match their lifestyle preferences and needs. The rent in NYC, roommates in NYC, as well as rooms for rent globally, have witnessed a massive shift from the previous years.

So, what were the major trends for rooms for rent and roommate trends of 2017?

Check out a few trends on the rooms for rent in NYC below!

Here’s what users in rooms for rent in NYC had to say in 2017!

“Previous to Roomi, I had been using Craigslist to fill vacancies
in my apartment which I always felt was potentially unsafe and
quite the “grab bag” experience. Roomi’s verification features for both renters and rentees, really expedited the process of touching base with real people.”

Joel Calumpong, Roomi User

“When it comes to roommates I want safety features because it’s someone I will be living with and there’s not enough time to build trust prior to living together.”

Macarena Albo, Roomi User

And to make sure we help people match with the best roommates, we ask users to provide us with an idea of their credit score. Here’s how NYC fared!

Let’s talk about pets, and rooms for rent in NYC!

While our roommates in every city tend to be more pet-friendly than not, some differences emerged.

New York

New Yorkers and roommates in NYC are the least pet-friendly. It’s either because they’re as cold as everyone says they are, or there’s literally not an inch of extra space for another living creature in their apartments.

Los Angeles

LA is the most pet-friendly city. Who else is going to keep
your company in all of that traffic?

Is cleanliness really next to godliness?

No one wants to be a messy roommate. Thankfully you’re the clean one, right? When we surveyed our users, we found some surprises – people are actually cleaner than we expected! We found that LA was the cleanest city AND the dirtiest city with 57% saying they clean daily & over 9% saying they rarely clean. Users in Boston & NYC are the least likely to clean daily.

This made us think – are they messier or just the most honest?

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