A bustling metropolis, Hawthorne has all the comforts of city living, but with a warm community feel. Planning a move here and want to know more about the area? In this article, we’ll cover how safe the neighborhood is, the average rent in Hawthorne, and some things to consider as you look for rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA.

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Hawthorne spans some 80 acres of land between Los Angeles and Redondo Beach. One of its most popular landmarks is Elon Musk’s SpaceX headquarters and Tesla’s design center at the Hawthorne Municipal Airport. It’s also where the Beach Boys grew up!

Where is Hawthorne?

Hawthorne lies in the South Bay of California’s Los Angeles County, bounded by the cities of Inglewood, El Segundo, Gardena, and Redondo Beach. Once just barley fields, the city was founded by B.L. Harding and H.D. Lombard in 1905. At this point, the city was renamed after Harding’s daughter Laurine’s favorite author, Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Find Rooms for Rent in Hawthorne, LA

About 84,862 people call Hawthorne, known as the “city of good neighbors,” their home. It’s considered the 100th largest city in California, with warm and sunny summers and mild, moderately rainy winters. For those who love the coast, it’s a 13-minute drive to Manhattan Beach and it’s only 16 minutes to Redondo Beach.

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Average Rent in Hawthorne, LA

The average rent in Hawthorne, LA, is lower than in many other Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach. However, it’s still higher than the national average rent. Around 75% of the population in Hawthorne rent their home, most commonly 1-2 bedroom apartments.

While looking for rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA, you’ll also likely stumble across bungalows, single-family detached homes, and townhouses. Take your pick from colonial-style, mid-century modern and Mediterranean-style structures. Here’s a snapshot of the average rent in Hawthorne, LA:

Rooms for rent in HawthorneAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Hawthorne$533
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Hawthorne$1,066
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Hawthorne$1,599

Is Hawthorne, LA, safe?

If you’re new to the area, you may be asking yourself: “Is Hawthorne, LA, safe?” The good news is that while crime rates vary depending on which part of Hawthorne you are in, it’s generally a pretty safe neighborhood.

Naturally, as you look for rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA, you will want to make sure the place you’re planning to live in is safe and secure. Below are some helpful tools you can use to learn more about the area.

  • AreaVibes: AreaVibes generates a livability score based on a one-of-a-kind algorithm that takes into account a specific location’s qualities. This includes data on its amenities, the cost of living, its employment and safety rates, and the schools in the area. It’s a helpful site to bookmark as you look for rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA.
  • AroundMe: AroundMe is an app that locates nearby banks, gas stations, or restaurants. It’s a navigation tool that allows you to easily search for relevant establishments in the area.
  • Niche: This app helps connect people to neighborhoods and workplaces. It also has a profile on each college and school in the U.S., making it a go-to resource for families and students searching rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA.
  • Hotline Numbers: If you feel you are in danger, call 911 or the local emergency number immediately. Some examples of emergencies are a car crash, a crime, a fire, or a medical emergency. For non-emergencies, such as complaints, reporting graffiti or road damage, or simply making an inquiry about a service, call 311 instead.

Public Transit in Hawthorne

1. Walkability

As you look for rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA, note that it’s Los Angeles’ 71st most walkable neighborhood. Based on this, you may need to use public transportation to get around, but the area is also pretty bicycle-friendly. Hawthorne’s most walkable neighborhoods are Bodger Park – El Camino Village, North Hawthorne, and Ramona.

2. Roads & Traffic

It’s no secret that LA has a reputation for its heavy traffic. So much so, that Elon Musk considered boring a tunnel underneath a public street across from SpaceX’s headquarters in 2016! If you do need to drive, plan your journey in advance and expect heavy traffic at Hawthorne Boulevard. This is one of the area’s busiest commercial and commuter thoroughfares, so avoid this route if you can!

3. Nearby Train Stations

Despite the traffic, driving is how most people get around Hawthorne. Alternatively, public transportation options are available, with LA Metro’s C Line (formerly the ‘Green Line’) serving Hawthorne via the Hawthorne/Lennox Station. Other nearby train stations include the Crenshaw Station and the Aviation/LAX Station.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

Hop on either the 5, 40, or the 215 bus to get around Hawthorne. The 215 bus headed to Redondo Beach Station and has stops along Inglewood Avenue’s 132nd and 134th streets. The LA Metro 40 bus headed to South Bay Galleria also stops along Hawthorne Boulevard’s 132nd, as well as 135th street. The G Trans 5 bus headed to the Aviation Green Line station stops at El Segundo Boulevard-Ramona Avenue.

Restaurants in Hawthorne

Hawthorne offers an exciting array of cuisines from all over the world, from Chinese and Indian to Mexican and All-American. You’ll find some of the most popular local restaurants on Hawthorne Boulevard, Inglewood Avenue, Prairie Avenue, and Rosecrans Avenue. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Hawthorne to help you narrow down your options.

1. Zacatecas Restaurant

Can you imagine digging into a burrito the size of a newborn child? That’s how one diner described Zacatecas Restaurant’s massive Tom’s Burrito. It’s made with carne asada, beans, guacamole, sour cream, and onions, topped with spicy green sauce and cheese. All we can say is, wow!

2. Eureka!

There’s always something new to try at Eureka! based in Hawthorne Airport. Eureka!’s patrons love coming back for their fix of its tasty burgers made with all-natural, carrot-fed Angus beef. How about a 28-day dry-aged bone marrow shiitake butter or a Fresno fig burger? You can then enjoy a sweet ending with their bourbon cake or butterscotch pudding. You’re welcome.

3. Chip’s

Nothing beats the comfort food that we get in classic diners. Case in point, Chip’s along Hawthorne Boulevard, which has been a community favorite since it opened in the 1950s. Whether it’s their French toast, machaca, Menudo, or turkey burger, all their menu offerings hit the spot. It’s hard to miss, what with the “Googie” or futuristic style architecture of their façade.

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Parks in Hawthorne

  • Hawthorne Memorial Park: Named after the city, this park located along El Segundo Boulevard has pools, soccer fields, and a basketball court. It also has plenty of play equipment, BBQ grills, a picnic area, a wading pool, boccie and futsal courts.
  • Eucalyptus Park: Enjoy strolling in Eucalyptus Park which has picnic areas, BBQ grills, a wading pool, basketball courts, and a skate park. It’s also wheelchair-accessible, making it a great place for people with disabilities to relax in and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Hollyglen Park: Parents love taking their kids to Hollyglen Park, located at Hawthorne’s 5255 W. 137th St. Apart from a playground, wading pool, basketball and tennis courts, it also has plenty of shade and is well-maintained. What better place to relax after a day exploring rooms for rent in Hawthorne, LA?

Is Hawthorne student-friendly?

Hawthorne is well-known for being home to several school districts, making it a student-friendly city. These school districts include the Centinela Union High School District, Lawndale Elementary School District, and the award-winning Wiseburn School District. Here are some schools to consider in Hawthorne, LA:

Ramona Elementary School

Ramona Elementary School, under the Hawthorne School District, is a Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Academy catering to both English and Spanish-speaking students. This school uses a standard-based curriculum, developing learners’ character, knowledge, and skills to meet predetermined outcomes.

Richard Henry Dana Middle School

The R.H. Dana Middle School was awarded recognition as a “California Distinguished School” and one of the National Forum’s “schools to watch.” Apart from its wide selection of electives, it also offers after-school activities and is staffed by educators who all hold valid California teaching credentials.

Da Vinci Charter School

The Da Vinci Charter School under the Wiseburn School District has several campuses throughout California. Its Da Vinci Connect (TK-8) school is a hybrid school, combining classroom and homeschool instruction using social-emotional and project-based learning. Parents are considered co-educators and students take part in solving real-world problems.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the Hawthorne neighborhood. Taking into account the average rent, as well as the best schools and restaurants in Hawthorne, LA, you’ll surely find this city an exciting place to move to. Happy room hunting!

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