The city of Pomona, which lies in the heart of the Pomona Valley, LA, is a fabulous place that boasts many fantastic attractions. Here, you have access to quality education and so many outstanding eateries, plus the city has an incredible community feel. This neighborhood guide can help you get to know the area by telling you all about its location, crime rate, and famous restaurants. Use it to navigate your way around the neighborhood, find out more about renting apartments in LA, and more specifically, find rooms for rent in Pomona, CA.

Where is Pomona, CA?

Pomona City is located in Los Angeles County, between the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley. The city is known for being the home of California State Polytechnic University and the annual LA County Fair site.

Originally, the city was occupied by the Tongva Native Americans and became known as Rancho San Jose in the 1700s. Then, in 1875, the city was named “Pomona” after the ancient Roman goddess of fruit, which inspired residents to make wine and grow citrus fruits and olives here in the late 19th century.

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Find Rooms for Rent in Pomona, CA

Renting in California isn’t always easy, but thankfully, Pomona provides a dense suburban feel with a close-knit community and culture-filled experience. Moreover, the area has many restaurants, cafes, and parks that you will definitely enjoy while looking for rooms for rent in Pomona.

Average Rent in Pomona

Rooms for rent in PomonaAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Pomona$783
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Pomona$1,566
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Pomona$2,349

Is Pomona Safe?

Before starting your search for rooms for rent in Pomona, you might want to find out, ‘is Pomona safe?’. Fortunately, the city has a lower than average crime rate (31.4%), with many safety and security resources available for the community. As it’s important to ensure you and your family remain safe while looking for rooms for rent in Pomona, here’s a list of numbers you should take note of in case of any emergencies:

  • 911 is the national number to call for life-threatening emergencies that need the attention of the police, fire, and/or ambulance services.
  • 877-275-5273 (877-ASK-LAPD) is for non-emergencies that need the response of the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • (909) 622-1241 is the number of the Pomona Police Department.

Additionally, there are personal safety applications that you can download on your cell phone to keep you safe around the city, including:

  • Foothill Transit Watch
  • OnWatch
  • Nixie
  • bSafe

Public Transit in Pomona


With an average Walk Score of 52, doing errands on foot can be tiring, so you might want to get a bike or make use of the city’s public transport options instead! Pomona is also vehicle-friendly if you’re planning to go further afield.

Roads & Traffic

Four freeways and one highway surround Pomona. The San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) stretches from Santa Monica to Jacksonville, Florida, while the Orange Freeway (SR 57) connects several highways and freeways around the area. Moreover, the Pomona Freeway (SR 60) functions as a bypass route, and the Chino Valley Freeway passes through Riverside and Los Angeles. Using these roads will be of great help when you’re looking for rooms for rent in Pomona.

Nearby Train Stations

Currently, there are two train stations in Pomona: one to downtown Riverside (Pomona—Downtown/Purple Line) and another to downtown Los Angeles (Pomona—North/Red Line). Plus, construction work on the Gold Line Foothill Extension is ongoing. This line will eventually connect Pomona to Los Angeles and eastern Los Angeles when it’s completed in 2026.

Nearby Bus Stops

Two bus lines serve Pomona: Foothill Transit Line and Omnitrans bus line. The Silver Streak rapid bus line will take you to eastbound Montclair and Downtown Los Angeles, while the Omnitrans bus line has 61 runs throughout Pomona. Taking the bus is a pretty convenient way to get around when you’re looking for a restaurant in Pomona!

Restaurants in Pomona

1. Coco Palm

If you’re looking for authentic Cuban and Latin cuisine, Coco Palm is definitely the go-to restaurant in Pomona! They serve up mean quesadillas; tender, ‘fall-off-the-bone’ ribs; and delicious calamares fritos!

2. The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch

Hospitality management students run the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch at Cal Poly, Pomona, and they offer exceptional meals in a romantic setting. Made with produce grown in the restaurant’s own garden, you can be sure their food is packed full of quality ingredients. Additionally, you can pair your meals with their extensive wine list from Cal Poly’s own winery, Horsehill Vineyards.

3. Donahoo’s Golden Chicken

A crowd favorite, Donahoo’s Golden Chicken is a hole-in-the-wall take-out joint that serves the best fried chicken in the city. The restaurant was established 70 years ago and is still known as one of the most popular food joints in the city. Try out their legendary fried chicken or chicken strips with their homemade roll, and don’t forget to order one of their signature sides.

Parks in Pomona

Thinking about renting in California can be tiresome, but you can always relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the parks of Pomona during your search.

  • Ganesha Park is one of the largest and oldest parks in Pomona. It is filled with amenities suitable for all ages: tennis and basketball courts, children’s play areas, swimming pools, and a community center. What’s more, the park hosts a multitude of events throughout the year. You can read more about these on their website.
  • Lincoln Park Historic District has over 30 acres of land and is an ideal place for outdoor activities. The park has plenty of space to go running, hiking, or even just walk your dog!
  • Ralph Welch Park is known as the best public park in the city, complete with the perfect picnic spot. Here, there are sports pitches, outdoor seating, and even more facilities that are open to all. As looking for rooms for rent in Pomona can be exhausting, you should take a quick breather at Ralph Welch Park and enjoy a delicious picnic under the sun.

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Museums in Pomona, CA

  • The Latino Art Museum is an integral part of the city as it shows the works of Latin American artists in the Pomona area. Moreover, it’s a non-profit organization that promotes and aims to impart an appreciation for Latino art to children and adults of all origins. They also offer art classes that are open to all ages. Check them out here.
  • The Southern California Medical Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum in Southern California. Taking a tour will show you a large collection of medical and dental artifacts, antique equipment. And, the history of medicine in this part of the country. Learn more through their website.

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