Surrounded by more popular neighborhoods, Van Nuys might not be the first destination to pop into your mind when you’re looking to move to a new neighborhood. A suburban area, the neighborhood has a distinct metropolitan vibe with numerous up-and-coming businesses, popular eateries, beautiful parks, and even a few museums. Van Nuys is a popular neighborhood for young families who want to live in a residential area, so if you’re looking for rooms for rent in Van Nuys, LA you’ll find this guide super handy.

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1. Where is Van Nuys, LA?

Known to be one of the most populous neighborhoods in San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is bordered by Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks, North Hills, Valley Glen, and Panorama City. It has been a part of LA since 1915, and thanks to location and proximity to other neighborhoods, rooms for rent in Van Nuys, LA are quite popular.

What is it that attracts people to this neighborhood? Is it the affordable average rent in Van Nuys, its central location in the valley, or the great community feel? We’d say, all of the above!

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2. Find rooms for rent in Van Nuys, LA

Van Nuys is mainly a residential area, but you won’t have any trouble finding convenience stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. A few recent local projects have focussed on renovating the roads and public transit in the area, but most projects in the neighborhood aim to develop high-end living spaces. This is great news for you because it means you won’t have any trouble finding rooms for rent in Van Nuys!

Though the cost of living in Van Nuys is higher than the national average, it is less expensive than living in the greater Los Angeles area. Living spaces in this neighborhood aren’t too shabby, and with affordable average rent in Van Nuys, young professionals and families are moving here to save on their living expenses.

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3. Average rent in Van Nuys, LA

Rooms for rent in Van NuysAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Van Nuys$993
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Van Nuys$2,244
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Van Nuys$3,246

4. Is Van Nuys, LA safe?

According to AreaVibes, there’s little to no crime in this neighborhood, but it’s still best to keep emergency numbers handy. Though violent crimes in the area are rare, petty crimes aren’t. Overall, while it isn’t the safest neighborhood in Los Angeles, rest assured you won’t be putting yourself in harm’s way if you plan to find rooms for rent in Van Nuys, LA.

5. Public transit in Van Nuys, LA

For those who’ve recently rented rooms in Van Nuys, LA, you’ll probably want to know what public transit options are available to help you get around. Luckily, Van Nuys has a major station that is served by bus and metro lines. Over the years, various construction projects have helped improve the connectivity of the neighborhood — making it a popular choice for those looking to move to the San Fernando Valley.

1. Walkability

Those looking for rooms for rent in Van Nuys, LA will be happy to know that the neighborhood has a walk score of 86. This means you can skip the car and get most of your errands done on foot. Or why not bike around the area?

2. Roads & Traffic

If you’re looking for rooms to rent in Van Nuys, you’ll want to know about the roads and traffic in the area. Whether you’re heading back home, having a touristy day out, or exploring the restaurants in Van Nuys, the commute is not much of a problem, though it can be a little busy.

Van Nuys is mainly served by the San Diego Freeway that passes through it. The Golden State Freeway, Ventura Freeway, Simi Valley Freeway, and Hollywood Freeway are also nearby. The Van Nuys corridor is the second busiest in the San Fernando Valley, so traffic can be an issue during rush hours.

3. Nearby Train Stations

Van Nuys station serves the neighborhood and connects you to Metrolink’s Ventura County Line, and Amtrak’s Coast Starlight and Pacific Surfliner.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

If you’re looking to take a bus to work from your rented room in Van Nuys, you don’t need to look much further than Van Nuys station to catch your daily ride. Served by Metro Busway’s G Line, the station is active round the clock, so you can hop on a bus day or night. On the east, the rapid transit bus line connects to North Hollywood, and on the west, it connects to Chatsworth station. With the G Line bicycle path next to the station, it gets very busy indeed. Clearly, it isn’t just the affordable average rent in Van Nuys that attracts people to the neighborhood, but the great public transit connectivity as well!

Restaurants in Van Nuys, LA

1. Mercado Buenos Aires

Enjoy Argentinian cuisine at the Mercado Buenos Aires, where you can feast on empanadas (the star of the restaurant, and a crowd favorite), sandwiches, pasta and more! Established over 30 years ago, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Van Nuys. You can also grab Argentinian snacks and ingredients from the grocery here.

2. Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen

You may remember Edgar Martisoryan as the guy who delivered pizza to the Oscars attendee. While he went on to become part of a major pop-culture moment, Edgar Martisoryan is still in the business of delivering pizza, now from his own venture Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. Grab some authentic pizza slices, or get it delivered to your doorstep, along with some beer and wine!

3. Nat’s Early Bite Coffee Shop

Though this diner draws crowds during rush hour, the efficient staff are pros at keeping wait times to a minimum. Grab breakfast, lunch or brunch at this spot, which is among the standout eateries in the area. And be prepared to loosen your pants — the portion sizes are no joke!

Parks in Van Nuys, LA

1. Van Nuys Recreation Center

With picnic tables, a basketball court, football field and more, head to the Van Nuys Recreation Center when you’re in the mood to get active. The center also hosts various after-school activities for kids, such as ballet, teen tutoring, arts and crafts, and other special events, making it a star neighborhood attraction for young families.

2. Louise Park

With barbecue pits, a children’s play area as well, and indoor and outdoor basketball courts, this park is perfect for a day out with family and friends. No need to head to restaurants in Van Nuys during the summer, host a barbecue here and make the most of your day off!

8. Notable Sites in Van Nuys, LA

Once you’re living in the Van Nuys, you can learn more about the history of the city. You might be able to tell from the architecture that the neighborhood has only been around since 1911. It became an official part of LA in 1915 but has kept its distinct style. You’ll find several unique sites in the neighborhood that you need to visit at least once!

  • Van Nuys City Hall: Recognized as a Historic Cultural Monument since 1968, after a four-year renovation project, the building has been restored to its former glory as the center of Van Nuys’ civic scene.
  • Van Nuys Branch Library: Support your local library as you browse through their vast collection of books.
  • Valley Relics Museum: Learn about the history of the San Fernando valley while you enjoy the vast collection of artefacts on display.

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