No doubt about it — moving to a new city is a life-changing decision that feels both exciting and scary. There are a lot of things you need to consider: rent, cost of living, the livability of the city, type of neighborhood, and more. These factors on their own can cause quite a hassle, but coupled with the thought of finding a good roommate? Now, that’s immensely stressful.

There are multiple means through which you can find roommates, especially in a city as big as New York. But how can you know what is the best roommate finder? There isn’t a lack of websites for this purpose. However, there are certain features and elements that set the best apart from the basic. Sure, you’ll have Facebook groups and Craigslist posts to explore. Though, a more advisable way to find good roommates is by using roommate finder apps like Roomster, or the Roomster alternative, Roomi. Don’t worry about the stress of seeking the best roommate finder; we’ve done so for you!

Pricing: Are These Roommate Finder Apps Free or Paid?

Roomi definitely comes out on top when you compare it with other roommate finder websites. This is because Roomi has no monthly subscription fees, no costs for messaging, and signing up and listing a space on Roomi is free. It’s even free to search for a place to rent. However, to get the absolute best out of Roomi, it’s advisable to make use of the paid services. These include background checks, identity verifications, messaging plans, listing credits, profile boosts, and listing boosts, which come in a package called the Gold Plan. Exquisite, right? It’s priced at $29.99 per month or $14.99 per week. Whether you’re opting for the weekly or monthly plan, the benefits are tailored to your needs. These benefits include:

  1. Access to unlimited messages and swipes in your search for potential roommates
  2. Free bookings
  3. Fully verified status upgrade
  4. Ability to boost listings with subscriptions

Roomster allows users to pay for a 3-day subscription, which is enough to test the app. However, the weekly and monthly subscriptions are $14.95 and $29.95, respectively. A downside to opting for a subscription on Roomster is that it is automatically renewed after a month for a cost of $29.95.

Based on some Roomster reviews, several users have complained about the exorbitant fees charged for things like viewing messages.

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Security: Can These Apps Help Me Find Roommates I Can Trust?

If you want to live with another person in a new city, it’s vital that you find someone who is trustworthy and safe. Sharing your living space with another person is a big deal. You would probably like to live with someone who takes hygiene seriously, respects boundaries, and is reliable. This is where roommate finders come in. Roommate finder apps such as Roomster and Roomi are great, but it’s normal to ask questions like, ‘Is Roomster legit?’ or ‘How well is my profile protected?’.

Verifies Roommate Contact Information

Roomster allows users to verify their identity using social media, email addresses, phone numbers, and identification with a simple process. However, due to voice-over-IP services, it has provided a entryway for scammers. Also, verifying your identity with Roomster is not an appealing process. Roomster requires you to send a scanned picture of your verification, then pay $15 to begin ID verification. Roomi, on the other hand, makes use of GlobaliD, which is a digital identity platform that puts you in control of your identity and your data. With GlobaliD, you can have your number and email verified by Roomi, while your privacy is assured.

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ID Verification

In order to assure users’ safety, Roomi makes sure to verify the identity of every user on the platform. This requires users to submit a government issued-ID before they can become verified users. An advantage of this feature is that it gets you a verified badge which is useful in speeding up your search for a roommate.

Roomster reviews regarding the quality of ID Verification have not been positive, with users concerned about the fee required for identity verification. However, with Roomster’s alternative, Roomi, identity verification comes with your subscription.

Privacy and Security of Profiles

Roomster allows you to create a profile where you can post stories, pictures and social media links to its community. They also ensure that all the information you add is authentic. Roomi, however, allows users to share a ton of meaningful information that makes all the difference when searching for roommates. Visible information on a Roomi profile includes age, profile photo(s), preferred location, budget (if entered), move-in date, summary, work info, interests, roommate preferences, and more.

Roomi offers its users secure in-app messaging, which keeps information shared between you and your potential roomie private. Another way in which Roomi stands out as a great roommate finder app is that you can request for the deletion of all personal information after successfully finding a roommate. Users can do this under the General Data Protection Regulation Act by contacting Roomi customer support, or by filling out a form.

24/7 Support & Content Moderation

It’s definitely disappointing to think you’re well on your way to finding a roommate while using a roommate finder app, only to realize that it’s not legit. Roomi is here for you. Roomi has an in-house moderation team that works to remove spam profiles and fake listers from the platform. They also provide customers with 24/7 support, and an enlightening FAQ page that helps roommate searches easier.

Roomster does provide customer service. However, Roomster reviews have shown that they do not work all the time and round the clock the way Roomi’s customer service does.

Criminal Background Check

Roomi does optional criminal background checks for user profiles so that you know who you’ll be living with. Submitting your profile to Roomi for a criminal background check helps to boost roommate matches.

User Profiles: Which App Makes It Easier to Find Your Perfect Roommate?

Most people have fallen victim to phony Craigslist ads and scammers on Facebook while searching for rooms for rent and roommates. With all this in mind, Roomi has made it a priority to make the process easier and stress-free. Both roommate finder apps are great, but Roomster’s alternative, Roomi, definitely takes the cake when you compare their features.

With Roomi, you can filter choices for potential roommates. It may be awkward to ask a potential roommate some specific questions, which is why Roomi has provided the option of filtering roommates based on neighborhoods, gender, budget, location, and more. With Roomi’s Perfect Roommate Matching Algorithm, you can be sure of finding someone who is perfect for you. Roomi has an age filter, an LGBTQ+ friendly filter, and even a house rules filter.

So, which is the Best Roommate Finder for You?

There are a good number of roommate finder apps out there, but comparing Roomster and Roomster’s alternative, Roomi, there’s no doubt that Roomi is the best. The app is not only user-friendly with a clean design but simplifies your roommate search while assuring your privacy and keeping your needs in mind.

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!