Moving to a new city or into a new place can be an overwhelming experience. You might not know anyone in the area, plus, finding a good place to stay can be challenging. On top of the location, you also have to deal with the rental costs, which may be expensive. If you’re looking for the best room finder, Roomi and Silvernest are some of the most popular ones out there.

You may be asking yourself questions like, ‘How do I book a room on Silvernest?’ How does Roomi verify users? How do you know if the listings are credible? Plan on giving both of these a shot? We’ve done the research for you. Here’s a comparative Roomi and Silvernest review to help you choose the best room finder. contend “Is Silvernest legit?” get you started.

Features: What filters and preferences do these room finders offer to help you find your perfect room?

✅ No fee apartments

With Silvernest, room-seekers don’t need to go through a broker to inquire about a room. They can simply message a homeowner directly. While there’s no fee upfront, but you will need to pay a fee if the homeowner requests a background check. All of Roomi’s listings, on the other hand, are completely free. This means you’ll know how much a room actually costs and not worry about any hidden or extra fees.

They also don’t have to pay Silvernest anything unless the homeowner requests a background check. The same goes for Silvernest alternative Roomi.

✅Pet-friendly apartments

Can you bring your dog or cat along to your new apartment? With websites like Silvernest, you can only see two pet-related filters: if the space allows pets, and another, if not.

Roomi, by comparison, lets you tick a filter so you can find pet-friendly apartments. But it’s even better. We all know there are lots of kinds of animals apart from dogs and cats. Roomi has separate boxes for dogs, cats, and moreover, other kinds of pets. This extra specificity helps avoid any ambiguity with your potential roommate or landlord if you’re a pet owner. Based on this part of the Silvernest review, Roomi definitely takes the lead.

✅ Filtering rooms based on amenities

Silvernest users can filter properties based on other factors. These include air conditioning, garage space, laundry equipment, and internet, among others. While the Silvernest alternative Roomi also has these filters, it has an extra filter to indicate if the property has an elevator. Something which is super handy when you’re moving big stuff like furniture into your room.

✅ Filtering rooms based on Listing Type (entire place/shared rooms)

During our Silvernest review, we discovered this app doesn’t provide the option to rent an entire place to yourself. That’s because it’s designed as a home-sharing app, meaning you share the property with the homeowner. By default, you will only be able to find rooms for rent. If you’d like to share a room with another housemate, you can take it up directly with the homeowner. With a Roomi account, you have more options, such as renting the entire place, a private room, or a shared room.

✅ Filtering rooms based on House Rules

With websites like Silvernest, the only house rule filter you can find is with regard to smoking and pets. This, to be honest, is pretty basic. With Roomi, however, it takes house rules extra seriously. Apart from smokers and pets, you can also indicate if you don’t want boys, girls, drugs, or people drinking. You can specify, too, if you prefer living with a vegetarian and if you’re okay with having other couples around. This is important especially if you have allergies, like your quiet time, or want a roomie on the same diet. After all, you’ll be sharing a fridge and you might help each other do the groceries sometimes.

Pricing: Which app offers the best free and paid features?

This Roomi and Silvernest review would not be complete without a comparison of their free and paid features. Since you’ll be investing in potentially one of these room finders, it’s best to know which app offers more value for your money.

Allowing free listings

When you use websites like Silvernest, you don’t need to pay a fee upfront. With a free account, you can easily contact homeowners with rooms that suit your needs.

With Roomi, you can list up to two properties for free. You can also use these to activate any pending or deactivated listings. When signing up for a Roomi Gold subscription, you get an even bigger bang for your buck. First, you need to choose between a personal or a business plan. Personal users get unlimited messaging, identity verification, and a ranking boost for seven times more views on listings. Depending on the business tier you choose, you can get a verified partner badge, unlimited listings, and unlimited messaging. Pay either $29.99 for one month or $14.99 for a week.

In-app messaging

One of Roomi’s great features is that it comes with secure in-app messaging so you can keep your communication private. In the same way, Silvernest assures its users that it encrypts messages and keeps correspondences private.

Security: How do these apps ensure that the listings are credible?

You may be asking yourself, “Does Silvernest verify its users?” and “Is it a secure app to use?” As a Silvernest alternative, Roomi verifies a user’s phone number and email address with GlobaliD, a digital identity platform. Users need to create a GlobaliD and connect it with Roomi. Through this system, GlobaliD verifications describe something about users that a third-party agency has verified to be true. It definitely feels more secure than Silvernest’s simple sign-up and verification process. This feature goes to show that Roomi puts a premium on keeping users’ information secure and verifying users’ authenticity.

Your private data is safely stored in the GlobaliD vault, which cannot be accessed or shared without your explicit consent. This means that your data isn’t stored on each new service provider you choose to connect to your GlobaliD. In case Roomi gets hacked, know that your data is secure as it is not kept on Roomi servers.

Roomi vs Silvernest review: which is the best room finder for you?

With all the features mentioned above, we hope this comparative Roomi review and Silvernest review helps you as you move to a new city. We also hope this review was able to address the questions in your head, “What filters are available for house rules?” “How do you know if the listings are credible?”

It’s true, moving is never easy. Thankfully, technology helps speed up the process of finding a great room for rent. All the more when you know an app invests in safety, data privacy, convenience, and pricing. There’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing your data and transactions are kept secure.

This is why Roomi is naturally the best room finder out there. It ensures real people are signed into the app, keeps in-app messaging secure, and uses a state-of-the-art digital identity platform to add an additional layer of security. Plus, you can benefit from using the app whether as a free or paid user. You get the leads that you want and the peace of mind you deserve.

Roomi, no question, is the best option for you; an all-in-one app offering all these features and more so you can find the best room.

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!