For almost 40 states in the US, winter means freezing temperatures and snow. Thus, convincing yourself to take up the prospect of moving during the winter can be more overwhelming than exciting. Naturally, the majority of moving days take place in summer. A lot of parents’ schedule moves around the time their kids are home. There are also fresh college students moving to their respective college towns. There’s a bunch of reasons why winter moving is useful. Here are some of our best moving-in-the-winter tips for those of you looking to save!

If you find yourself wanting to avoid the restlessness that comes with house shifting in the summer. And if you want to catch discounted prices on movers and packers, we recommend moving in the winter!

Why should I consider moving in the winter?

We wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to do this at first. On a cold day, nothing is more appealing than a day spent with Netflix, snuggled up in a blanket with hot cocoa. But there are so many benefits to be had when you decide to move in winter – including cash-saving opportunities! If you manage your time and plan your move in advance, you might just pull this off.

#1 Oh, the money you will save

Like most businesses, the movers & packers industry also has a certain ebb and flow to it. Their peak season is warm summers. And business slows down during the transitional months and in winters, the industry witnesses quite the decrease. Due to this decrease in demand, most of these businesses (especially the local ones) also slash their prices. You see where we’re going with this.

But that’s not all… winters also mean a decrease in the price for storage units, if you find yourself in a situation where you need extra storage between moves.

Want more discounts? (Well, duh, of course, you do.) Schedule your move mid-week (i.e., not at the weekend) and towards the middle of the month. That’s when moving company schedules are typically the lightest given general rent cycle trends.

#2 The sweet ease of moving in the winter

If you’re not in the suburbs, house shifting during peak seasons can be a pain in the butt. Even those who schedule their move months in advance are faced with things like last moment cancellations.

Oh, and trying to haul stuff by yourself in and out of self-storage is no fun either.

Moving in the winters ultimately means scheduling your move around your preferred dates and not the mover’s. This means you’ll have more freedom when it comes to the move and even last-minute scheduling could run smoothly (although we don’t recommend you risk it). It also means less traffic if you’re on a long journey!

#3 Increased safety for your belongings

Most of the U.S. also experiences scorching temperatures in the summer. And let’s not forget that the temperatures we experience outside are nothing compared to those we experience sitting in a car/moving truck. But that’s not all, you can drastically lower the risk of ruining the things you own as a summer move might turn into a melted oil painting, vinyl record, or those homemade candles and soaps your sister made for you on your birthday ?

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Turns out, you might just find yourself being grateful for the temperature in winter, as it would also mean no extra-extra packing for the perishables!


We know reading this may have filled you with all the confidence you need to give moving in the winter a shot. But (and we can’t press on this enough) DO NOT forget to exercise some good old-fashioned caution when you’re planning your winter move. Some moving-in-the-winter tips we highly recommend include:

  • Check the weather report extensively, especially when it gets closer to your house shifting date.
  • If you’re moving from a non-snow region to a place where it snows, ask your realtor/landlord/neighbors if the roads are salted quickly after a storm.
  • Ensure that none of your stuff is exposed to open air, just in case it snows or rains.

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