New York City is a vibrant and diverse metropolis with countless neighborhoods to explore. While some areas may get more attention than others, there are plenty of hidden gems that offer a unique and authentic New York experience.

From cultural hubs to up-and-coming communities, these underrated neighborhoods are worth considering if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on city living. Discover the top 10 underrated neighborhoods in NYC to live in for 2024 and see why they’re the best-kept secrets of the Big Apple!

10 Underrated Neighborhoods in NYC

New York’s about branching out beyond what’s familiar and comfortable. So, here’s a list of underrated neighborhoods in NYC that deserve your attention.

1. Yorkville

I know, the Upper East Side (UES) gets a stuffy rap. This neighborhood doesn’t score particularly high on the “cool radar” but Yorkville has virtually no violent crime and overall an extremely low crime index. The neighborhood is also commuter-friendly as it’ll only take you around 15 minutes to get to Times Square with the Q train.

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If you have little ones to keep in mind, then this best neighborhood in New York, should be on your radar. Thus, if you’re will to pay more for your sense of safety, Yorkville is number one.

2. Flushing

In contrast, Flushing is definitely cooler, and at the same time an underrated neighborhood in NYC. Besides being more affordable than the UES, Flushing has a great nightlife, bar scene, and food. You can do it all and not be broke come Monday. The entire neighborhood has a sort of hole in the wall feel adding to its mysterious personality.

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3. St. George

This neighborhood comes with aesthetics and is definitely one of the most underrated neighborhoods in NYC! Located in Staten Island, this beachfront neighborhood keeps you close to a free ferry ride to the city.

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If you need to be near water, St. George offers beach vibes with food stands along with biking and jogging trails that line the waterfront.

4. Artists’ Colony (West 67th Street)

So Artist’s Colony isn’t really a neighborhood, more like a district, but its housing and living attributes are worth mentioning. As named, this area is well suited for artists especially those in need of some inspiration.

This underrated neighborhood in NYC has a historic feel as the architecture dates back to the pre-war. It’s perfectly adjacent to Central Park and there are plenty of studios and spaces for an artist to refine their craft.

5. Hamilton Heights

Hamilton Heights, named after Alexander Hamilton who lived in this neighborhood, is an underrated neighborhood in Manhattan, NYC with a lot of housing options. The housing structure is historical and elegant without the nail biting Upper East Side rent. The neighborhood also has the Riverbank State Park and the neo-Gothic City College of New York.

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The area isn’t overwhelming and it’s easy to get comfortable while living in Hamilton Heights. The neighborhood is safe (parent approved) and is easily accessible to the trains and buses. Hamilton Heights is gaining attention so get in while the prices are good!

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6. Manhattan Valley

Also known as the Bloomingdale District, the Manhattan Valley is a diverse and underrated neighborhood in NYC. The area borders Central Park and iw known for its diversity, inclusion, and community.

Moreover, it’s a hotspot for foodies. Just on one street, you’ll find food from Vietnam, Italy, and Ethiopia. If you’re looking for a calm area that still offers the variety of a tourist hotspot, Manhattan Valley is a tempting place to live in.

7. Little Italy

Little Italy is a neighborhood in the Lower Manhattan with various housing options from brick tenament buildings to high-end condominiums. And from its name, Little Italy is known for its Italian heritage with a lot of Italian restaurants and cafes around the neighborhood.

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It’s one of the underrated neighborhoods in NYC with traditional food like cannoli, Italian sausages, and festivals. There’s also The Basilica of Saint Patrick that’s famous for its catacombs.

8. Red Hook

If you’re into some vintage architecture and tree-lined blocks, Red Hook is the NYC neighborhood for you. The neighborhood has a lot of condominums and townhouses to search for some good housing in, and even a few restaurants where people flock to for a good meal.

Although it’s a relatively small neighborhood, Red Hook has a fully frontal view of the Statue of Liberty making it a must-visit area in the city. The only downside is, the commute can be a bit difficult with only the F/G lines and the B57 and B61 bus lines available. However, if you have a car or a bike, you’ll easily get by.

9. Kips Bay

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The best thing about living in Kips Bay is the 5-minute walk to Trader Joe’s and Fairway, so grocery shopping isn’t a hassle at all. It’s also a fairly young neighborhood so there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops around. More than that, commute is extreemely accessible with numerous bus lines and subway lines available.

10. Forest Hills

Now, if you’re planning to settle down and start a family soon, Forest Hills is one of the most underrated neighborhoods in NYC to do so. Its safe streets, variety of good schools, and good transporation makes it one of the top options to live in the city.

There are also a wide array of small shops and restaurants, some good housing options, and an overall lively environment perfect for kids, families, and even single professionals.

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