The current coronavirus pandemic has changed the job market overnight. Offices expect to remain shut during the entire course of the Covid-19 pandemic. And we all adapted to new routines as the pandemic impacted job security, employment, and the economy. Among all the pain we witnessed globally, we at Roomi found ourselves wondering about the jobs that people lost. And by extension, the jobs that were in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why were certain jobs in demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

According to new data from the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate rose to 4.4% in the most significant one-month jump since 1975.

Julia Pollack, who works at ZipRecruiter, said that the current pandemic had created full-ranging roles. These roles are needed to contain the disease and increase American consumers’ confidence. She noted that some positions would likely increase in popularity while compiling a list for CNBC.

Self-quarantine and work-from-home options may help soften the blow. Additionally, commuting and traveling with social distancing norms is not easy nor recommended unless required.

However, a quarter of the American workforce has filed for unemployment benefits. Many brand new employment positions have sprung up and are in high demand. And these new jobs have been in demand since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us.

The new jobs created during the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 testers: a job in high demand.

Test workers conduct swab tests at hospitals or nursing homes, and even factories and offices. Registered nurses and nursing assistants will qualify for the roles, and they can expect a pay of around $45 an hour. If one invests their skill in training, then these positions are open for them. We can expect this role to be in demand for quite a while. Especially as factories and offices will require constant testing during and after Covid-19, as we continue to fight this pandemic.

Contact tracers

The role of contact tracers is to call people who might have typically contracted the virus. The tracers then provide tips and arrange to test the patients. This work can be done part-time or full time and requires work-from-home. The pay goes up to $25 an hour.

Temperature screeners

All public places, whether airports, schools, restaurants, sports arenas, or companies, require temperature screeners for entrants at main gateways and entrances. Hourly pay can be up to $25.

Screen manufacturers & installers

All public places will be require to install plexiglass shields and dividers. The plexiglass installation will be put in place to keep students, workers and customers safe. People who can make the shields and set them up will be in high demand, and their wages can go up to $20 an hour.

COVID 19 caregivers

There are hundreds of thousands of American people who have contracted COVID 19 and need care. Added to that, there’s also a surge in demand for COVID caregivers. And finally, a risk involved in such care, and one always needs to be protected. The pay goes up to $25 an hour but might require training and certification.

Bylaw enforcement officers

Bylaw enforcement officers help city and town officers follow up on complaints about people violating social distancing and other COVID 19 norms and policies. This was one of the most prominent jobs that reached a high demand during Covid-19. The pay can go up to $30 an hour.

Zoom support specialists

Offices found themselves shut during Covid-19, once lockdowns turned global in nature. Schools, classrooms, doctors, and offices all require video conferencing, and there is a growing need for platform technical support. People who can facilitate video meetings are in demand. The pay for such work can range up to $25 an hour.

Environmental Health Experts

Environment health experts work to prevent illness and promote well-being. They do this by identifying and evaluating the environmental sources and hazardous agents. The average salary for environmental health expert work is $71,000.


Biostatisticians typically work with research data and conduct statistical analyses for a wide range of biology-related topics. They work either in peacetime or in emergency research and have an average salary of $76700.

Face mask manufacturers

It seems as though masks will be in demand for a very long time to come. This means the world needs more mask designers and manufacturers. People can get remunerated about $18 an hour for making masks. Once offices shut during Covid-19, apps like Tiktok and Instagram also witnessed the rise of small businesses. These small businesses exclusively sold face shields and masks during the Covid-19 pandemic’s lockdown.

The time is right to upskill for a new career, to turn this pandemic into something positive for you!

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