Hey there, Meme squad! How’s your dreaded workcation going? 2020 started with a loud Coronavirus bang, which continues to rage still. Remember that time in March when we thought this work from home saga will be over by May? (Let’s all laugh at our naivety together). Well, it’s October, and no matter how great your Halloween costume is, 2020 is the scariest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

While most of us are moping or having a mental breakdown every week – the internet has found memes to turn our “new normal” & “work from home” misery into humor. So folks, this series of work from home memes goes out to all who’ve spent the last couple of months being interrupted on Zoom calls by their coworkers, mailman, and crappy internet service.

So don’t look around! Here are 20 Work From Home Memes That Show We Are In This Together!

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1. Don’t know about your coworkers, Roomi squad, but Linda from our team is still waking up at 7:55 for 8 am catch up calls. Shh… you didn’t hear this from us.

2. Your internet when you actually want to work, after spending hours wasting time on Netflix and mindless snacking. Who’s the boss? No, really, who’s the boss?

3. Basically, the internet is boss, and snacks are our besties. Life is a meme.

4. Dawn of understanding: the moment you realize that you have no control over your personal or professional life.

5. How we are all trying to keep it together during our work from home saga!

6. So is nobody going to talk about appropriate work from home outfits? Our personal fav is “I can’t switch on my video because my internet sucks outfit.”

7. No, seriously, all the people who are saying, “OMG Charlotte you look chubby!” Say that one more time, and I will drive to your place to show you how chubby does what chubby does.

8. Just don’t discuss my new haircut, I swear Karen, I’LL COME TO YOUR PLACE CHUCKY STYLE!!!

9. Seriously, Toby, where are you? I am waiting for you with your favorite multigrain sandwich. * Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved plays faintly from the other room *

10. Knock knock Who’s there? ...your anxiety! Open up! I can feel a tickle in your throat.

11. Remember how we were fighting over toilet paper a few months back? My preciiiouuus!

12. Don’t know about you, but I am heading to the Roomi app to find a new roommate. Wonder if they have a replacement offer because mine is broken.

13. Also, my new coworker steals snacks, space, and insists on sharing my bed. Seriously, need to report this to HR.

14. Fun! For those of you who got a 25/25, it looks like your organization jumps at every chance of a “team catch up call,” or you’re a freelancer. Either way, good on you, buddy! * sniggers maliciously *

15. Raise your hand if you do this. Your secret is safe with us!

16. The amount of audio feedback we have gotten surpasses all the client feedback this year. * ear ringing from the last ghastly feedback on a video call *

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17. Ok, how can we manage this – it’s truly the most annoying thing ever.

18. Does it ever happen that you forget how to spell words you’ve used all your life when correcting something on a PPT? The pressure is real, guys!

19. When your boss asks you to redesign something, you’ve already spent a week designing. “Where’s your compassion boss, isn’t that in our company values and ethics?” * typing ok, sure no worries *

20. Lol! Who dat?

On a serious note squad please stay home and let’s help our country combat the rising cases due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Hope you enjoyed these Work From Home memes! ?

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