Tried everything, but just can’t help but hate your job? But have you tried watching relaxing movies after work to deal with all your stress? Drown out all your irritations with the funniest comedy movies- trust us on this! Because sometimes when your job sucks, that’s all you can do!

So, here are our top picks of movies to watch when you hate your job from the bottom of your heart.

1. Office Space – Mike Judge, 1999

Ever wondered what might happen if you straight-up refuse to go to work? Well, if you hate your job, you probably have. So, that’s why watching Peter Gibbons, the lead character of Office Space, live out your dreams is a must! Moreover, to his surprise, he even gets promoted when he does so!

He starts as a programmer at a corporate office, and he was feeling dead inside from his miserable job. To find a cure for his dull life, he tries hypnotherapy, and as his hypnotherapist dies mid-session, Peter is left roaming the world in a super blissful state – hence the nonchalance! If you’re ever feeling down because of work, this is the perfect movie to unwind to! Trust us, it’s one of the best comedy movies out there!

2. 9-5 – Colin Higgins, 1980

This one’s specially made for the overworked and underpaid employees (basically, all of us) and is a great comical satire about three female secretaries navigating work-life under a sexist, tyrannical, and horrible boss. The movie portrays social themes that still exist now, 40 years later – that of unequal pay for women, having to manage work and home at the same time (when everyone around them seems to be ungrateful), and how these three women plan to fight it by kidnapping the boss.

So, lose yourself in the fun ride and forget about how much you hate your job is for a while with ‘9-5.’

3. I Heart Huckabees, David O. Russel, 2004

If you’re interested in existential themes and philosophy, but also love comedy movies, you’ll enjoy watching I Heart Huckabees a lot! Albert Markovski, an environmentalist (played by Jason Shwartzman), is puzzled by a recurring coincidence and goes looking for the answers by hiring ‘existential detectives.’

The detectives’ investigation then concludes that all of Albert’s angst points in the direction of Brad Stand (played by Jude Law), a public relations manager at the retail store ‘Huckabees’ who backstabbed Albert and is getting in the way of his environmental work. So if you want to forget how much you hate your job, give this a go!

4. Clockwatchers – Jill Sprecher, 1998

You’d relate to this if you’ve ever worked a temp job and had to face the horrors of it – like trying to make friends at the job, securing a permanent position, constantly worrying about being fired etc.

Clockwatchers is about four temps and how their different personalities lead to different experiences until a series of office supplies theft threatens their position at the company.

5. Swimming With Sharks – George Huang, 1994

Watch the dark side of the glamorous world of Hollywood in Swimming With Sharks, as famed Hollywood producer Buddy Ackerman (played by Kevin Spacey), a dominating, cold-hearted and evil boss mentally tortures Guy, a young film executive who will do whatever it takes to ‘make it’ in Hollywood. It may not be the one of the most relaxing movies to watch after work, but it’s definitely worth it!

6. Clerks – Kevin Smith, 1994

What happens when you have a friend at work? Well, nothing productive happens, but it’s fun! So, the movie Clerks is about two friends Dante and Randal, who work in adjacent stores as clerks. They’re both tired, bored, and underpaid, which leads them to kill time in hilarious ways at work, such as playing hockey at the store rooftop, indulging in absurd conversations with each other and their customers. If you hate your job, you’re going to really enjoy this!

So, just like Dante writes on the closed shutter of the convenience store, ‘I assure you, we are open,’ we assure you this film will be a fun ride at the end of a long workday!

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