A quarter-life crisis is marked by a high level of stress and self-doubt. Those who go through it often question the decisions they’ve made so far. Often, they may feel as if they are not living up to their full potential. This leads to plenty of introspection and soul searching. It can be frustrating if you are unable to change the situation you find yourself in.

A crisis is not a new phenomenon and you’re certainly not alone in your experience. The good news? This too shall pass. There is help yet to be found. A crisis can happen to anyone: no matter whether you have the highest-paying job or are unemployed.

If you’re worrying about ‘why’ you’re feeling like this, you must understand at it certainly isn’t a commentary on your strength. In fact, facing a crisis and getting through it displays immense courage and grit. Actions that can help you get through this are shared below.

Talking to someone

When toxic self-doubt makes itself at home in your head, it can become difficult to think straight. Talk to a trusted friend, mentor, family member, or even a mental health professional to help give you the perspective you need on your career and life.

Expressing troublesome thoughts dims their power and gives you a sense of relief. You can also use the newly-gained perspective to chart out an action plan.

Use freelance jobs to grow outside your career

A quarter-life crisis often stems from the feeling of ‘is this all I’ll ever be?’ You may feel a bit boxed in by your own decisions. Try to pick up work outside your current career. Explore your other interests; Perhaps even look to add a second stream of income with freelance jobs.

This will give you a wider range to pursue something that you’re truly interested in and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, adding joy to your day.

This is a good place to start: 5 Simple Yet Highly Effective New Skills To Learn During Quarantine 

Change careers if you believe you’re meant for new paths

The people who hold the highest paying jobs are often not looking at money as the objective but focusing on the skill. This gives you purpose. Rather than competing in the rat race, you’re looking at developing something purer and more fulfilling.

Don’t be afraid to branch away from the subject you majored in at college. If you’re nervous about making a drastic change: start slow by taking up freelance jobs to start with. A lot of careers today don’t follow traditional paths. Many have even thrived on a lifetime of freelance jobs, moving from one interesting project to another.

 Some trends related to freelance jobs: Freelancing 2021: The Trends I See For The Freelancing Revolution 

Remember that success is not linear

Nothing will ruin your 20s more than the thought that you should have your life together already.

We are brought up with the idea that to work hard and achieve ‘the dream’, is the only way to be happy. In reality, success isn’t such a simplistic idea. Everyone has a different definition of it. Take this time to understand what success truly means to you.

How is it related to your idea of happiness? What do you want your life to look like? What sort of days can you see yourself having? Start there. There is no wrong or right answer. This crisis is telling you that you need to focus on what you want.

Find your purpose

If you’ve spent most of your life doing things that people want you to do, this part can be confusing. Look within yourself and notice the aspects of your life that you are resisting.

Marriage? Kids? A path that involves chasing after the highest paying jobs? Resistance is your friend once you understand why you’re resisting something. Poke at those feelings until they develop and reveal your purpose.

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