With the pandemic in full-swing, many professionals are looking at remote jobs to sustain themselves. The good news is that opportunities are on the rise for remote jobs. However, the shift from full-time to telecommuting (work from home jobs) is not an easy one. It requires a certain skillset that sounds easier than it is when practiced. So do you have what it takes? Let’s find out!

“A whopping 80% to 90% of the U.S. workforce reports that they’d like to work-from-home at least part-time, according to Global Workplace Analytics.” – Flex Jobs

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Web & mobile development
  3. Customer service
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Web designing
  6. Content writing jobs
  7. Graphic Design & Illustration
  8. Sales
  9. Video production & creation

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What are the must-have skills for remote jobs?

Work from home jobs come with their own set of challenges. While possessing the skills to carry out your daily tasks and duties is important. Professionals seeking remote jobs also need additional soft skills & talents. Luckily, these can be acquired with a little bit of training.

What not to do while working from home!

1. Time management & Self motivation

We cannot stress enough how important time management is for professionals working remote jobs. Without this simple skill, you will lose track of time and miss meetings, deadlines & deliverables. A typical office environment ensures that individuals don’t slack or Netflix during their designated work hours. However, in work from home jobs, you lack an authority that monitors you & your work. So if you can’t keep yourself motivated, you are bound to fail in a remote job.

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2. Strong written & spoken communication

Video conferencing, emails, and texts are the go-to communication portals for professionals in remote jobs. However, the lack of face to face interaction could lead to ambiguity in messages shared across teams. This could lead to frustration and waste of time among coworkers. Additionally, using video presentations can effectively communicate complex ideas and ensure team-wide understanding.

3. Technology

Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate. Today, professionals freelancing, in a full-time job, or in remote jobs must change and upgrade with new technology. Be ready to learn – whether it’s new software, a collaborative platform, or even a new app for team calls. Also, keeping yourself updated with times will help you stand out and seize better opportunities.

WFH Reminder: Don’t forget to unmute yourself before speaking in a conference call. You’re welcome!

4. Reliable work gear

Well, this is not a skill per se, rather a necessity for individuals in work from home jobs. Most companies would provide you with your laptop and other essential gear, others don’t! Make sure you have the proper equipment to set up your home office. This includes good wifi, a decent laptop that supports your software, & a headset for team calls.

5. Collaboration & cross culture literacy

In our hyper-connected world, even remote jobs are not so remote! Today, agencies have global teams with professionals across borders & timezones. While you may be working from the comfort of your home, you are still a part of a bigger team! A dynamic workforce with a team from different cultures is interesting. However, it can be challenging because of different communication styles, traditions, and cultures. A telecommuter must always be sensitive & aware of such differences.

6. Resilience

In today’s shifting work landscape, a WFH professional needs to be agile and resilient. Setbacks and failures are part of growing and are critical for success. Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back after failures. It is an approach that helps you face your challenges more effectively and doesn’t let the stress get to you. It is the superpower of all professionals in work from home jobs!

WFH Reminder: Be nice to your coworkers and share lunches with them!

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