For better or for worse, co living with another person and just sharing your living space can leave a lasting impact. The facts about roommates and co living with them is that it’s not easy but it does have its perks. Apart from companionship, co living with a roommate also helps you save money as you can split bills and other utilities with another person. So when you find yourself in a co living situation, you need to be aware of the facts about roommates and the types of roommates and personalities that you’ll see.

Here are 10 types of roommates you are sure to come across, or have already had an encounter with in the past.

1. Types of Roommates with a hint of OCD

The OCD cleaner comes with unexpected cleaning standards (think dust free picture frames and a labeled kitchen cabinet.)

The facts about roommates who are so dialled into the itty-bitty details can be fun (if you know how to manage them) but if you’ve been living on a different planet and haven’t watched Friends, how will you learn about managing your real-life Monica Gellar at home?

Keep your mess out of sight when co living with the OCD cleaners

It is mostly easy to deal with the type of roommate who like things clean and organized. The trick is to make sure you do your part keep common areas clean. You can trash your room all you want, but never let the mess go out of your own space. If you are sharing the room, then your junk should only be on your bed. Just try to meet the OCD cleaner somewhere in the middle – appreciate your sparkling apartment and do your bit to keep it looking beautiful.

2. Types of roommates who like to cling

The type of roommates we’re talking about are emotional and insecure. One of the weirdest facts about roommates who we nickname ‘the clinger’ is that they are your shadow. Sharing a co-living space assumes a license for the clinger to be friends with your friends and go wherever you go.

Make boundaries when co living with the clinger

With the clinger type of roommates, try to keep your private life private and do not share too much. Be gentle in drawing lines, as they might throw a fuss and create a self-pity situation.

3. Types of roommates who are always quiet

With this type of roommate, there are no greetings, and they don’t talk unless you ask them a question. They’re in and out of the house like a stealthy cat. Don’t expect more than a wave or a subtle nod from them.

Hand written letters work best when co living with this type

It is best to leave a written note if you wish to communicate with this invisible type of roommates. One of the most important facts about roommates who are quiet is that you’re quite lucky if you have them, compared to some of the others in the list below.

4. Types of roommates who are overly social

This is the type of roommate who never goes to class unless surrounded by fraternal brothers or sorority sisters. Their favorite time is late at night when they’re partying, and they come back home with a crowd of people. They are the extroverted version of the clingers who are often shy.

Make house rules that limit guests when co living with them

To deal with this type of roommate, talk to them about it in a matter of fact tone with no overkill. One of the most important facts about roommates who are social butterflies is that they’ll always have a crowd buzzing around them. So try to tell the socialite not to bring friends over after a particular hour or else tone it down at night because you need your sleep.

5. Types of roommates who can’t help being romantic

Since you’ve started living with them you’ve seen a a record breaking number of women/men walk out of their room every morning. And sometimes this type of roommate carries their display of affection outside their bedroom.

Avoid being embarrassed when co living with the romantic type

One of the most annoying facts about roommates who are overly romantic is clear. You need to have an unspoken code before you walk in the room, like a hat on a doorknob. If you still happen to walk in on them during an awkward lip-smacking session (or worse), suggest that they should have date nights someplace else other than your crash pad. They will get the picture.

6. Types of roommates who are passive aggressive

One of the reasons why people behave passive aggressively is because of the fear of direct display of anger. The way to communicate with them is to keep it simple, be assertive. It’s best to avoid gossip and huffing and puffing.

Keep a check on the words you use

The best way to communicate with the aggressive but passive roommate is through written notes. In case their random notes surpass your patience levels, you can join them at their own game. Leave a Post-it note: “Had your leftover pizza as I was hungry. It was yummy.”

7. Types of roommates who are slobs

The slobs are one of the most difficult types of roommates to live with. They have no basic hygiene or cleaning habits. They’re easy to spot – think dirty clothes piled up, food wrappers, unwashed dishes, and always in need of a shower.

Honestly, you can’t really do anything about them

One of the ickiest facts about roommates who are slobs is that they make those choices consciously, so a conversation may not kick them into action. Create boundaries for their mess, and deal with them as you would with a reverse of the OCD cleaner. If creepy crawlers are coming up to your space or if you cannot do without an odor mask, talk to your RA or start looking for a new place.

8. Types of roommates who are night owls

This type of roommate finds themselves most productive when everyone goes to sleep. The night owl roommate lives with you but has the routine of a resident country on the opposite side of the globe. One of the most concerning facts about roommates who are night owls is that they either have insomnia or sleep during the day.

9. Types of roommates who don’t leave their room

The live-ins love their room so much that they probably do not come out of there. They even skip class or work to watch TV or play a video game in peace. Anything that requires them to shower and step into the outside world is out of consideration.

Keep a friendly check on them

The best way to deal with this type of roommate is to tell them that you need space to study or work, relax, and have friends come over. Come up with a compromised way of space sharing. If you have separate bedrooms and rarely see this roommate, consider it a blessing. Keep an eye out, though, for signs of depression or mental disorders.

10. Types of roommates who “borrow” a lot

These are the type of roommates who like to “borrow” your things. The items may not be generally expensive, but the habit is annoying.

Try to be honest with your your roommate and tell them how their behavior makes you feel.

Give them a taste of their own medicine

Else try and behave like them and text them, “Can I borrow your perfume?” It might help.

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