There comes a time between all roommates that causes one to question their own sanity. Some have even considered moving back in with the ‘rents..yes, it’s gotten that bad. Here are 5 ways to keep the peace with roommates. Here are some roommate tips and roommate rules to keep in mind to stay in harmony with roommates.

Talk to maintain peace with roommates

Talking to your roommate seems easy enough to keep peace with roommates. Surprisingly, some roommates spend days of awkward silence avoiding one another. Reasons roommates don’t talk may include a lack of commonalities, opposing schedules, or blatant disinterest. You don’t have to be bestie’s, nor do your conversations have to be the length of a lifetime movie. So one of the most important roommate tips is to create a platform of comfortable conversation. Keeping the communication river flowing, tires rolling…you get it. TALK to stay in harmony with roommates. This will come in handy when you have issues, questions, concerns- anything really. If you can’t talk to your roommate it is likely to be a tense living situation at one point or another.

Listen to maintain peace with roommates

Aha! There are two parts to that great conversation you and your roommate are having. Try not be that person who vents about their day then walks into their room. You just made your roommate suffer through an anti-climactic subway story, at least ask how their day was- oh, and be interested to keep peace with roommates. Roommates tend to be peaceful when they feel they are listened to.

Respect each other

For their privacy, time, space, and everything in between, respect your roommate to keep peace with roommates. Everyone has boundaries and that helps to stay in harmony with roommates. When you live with someone you are sure to learn those quickly. Keep the peace and don’t cross any. If you do, make it up to them. Unlike other people you piss off, your roommate sleeps across the hall. An apology breakfast is always appreciated. Speaking of food…

Have food rules

I know the styrofoam restaurant box is calling your name. Don’t do it to keep peace with roommates. Your roommate would not appreciate opening their leftovers at lunch to see your bite marks on the side of their lasagna. Also, that pizza that is sitting on the oven-no touchy. Unless there is a very clear sign that says “help yourself”, walk away. I know best friends who chose to never live together due to disappearing double chocolate chip granola bars. Do not underestimate foods power to disturb the peace at home.

Don’t share, as a rule

In an ideal world equality is necessary. This isn’t always the case with roommates. Share bills and separate everything else to keep peace with roommates. So, as one of the most important roommate rules, buy your own groceries, wash your own dishes, fold your own clothes. Attempting to split everything will probably leave one person doing more than their share. Avoid rocking the boat by making bills the only thing you both go-in on.

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