Who says compatibility issues arise only in a romantic arrangement? Your disrespectful roommate is capable of turning your smile into a frown in 0.05 seconds. And, here you are holding your head, trying to figure out if you’re overthinking or if you’re really living with a toxic roommate. All the signs of an inconsiderate roommate are there, yet you question yourself. You just don’t know how to deal with a toxic roommate. Here’s how the urban dictionary describes a toxic person:

“An adjective used to describe usually a very negative person, that bitch about everything, spread unnecessary hate or just talk shit about others.

Toxic, Urban Dictionary*

Does that sound like your roomi? If you’re still wondering, maybe the following toxic personality traits might help you identify what you’re dealing with.

1. A toxic roommate never pays their rent on time

This is the one of the most common signs of an inconsiderate roommate. They know that you have a fixed day every month to pay the rent. However, your disrespectful roommate always fail to do so, and they tend to supplement this with truckloads of never-ending excuses. There have been many occasions where they’ve asked you to pay for them, promising that they return the money ASAP. Sure, your money comes back, but in unimaginable short installments. Living with a toxic roommate can take a serious hit on your bank account.

2. Your toxic roommate is unapologetic

Your disrespectful roommate uses your stuff without your permission – she would wear your clothes and leave them in your pile of laundry. When you ask them or confront them, they would either shrug, play the blame card or turn it around and make you look like you’re overreacting. It’s one of the most infuriating signs of an inconsiderate roommate. So sweetie, you don’t need to learn how to deal with a toxic roommate, you just need to live with someone new. Not convinced? Keep reading.

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3. They bring out the worst in you

Your friends describe you as a bright, talented chirpy person, but guess what? At home, you’re an entirely different bean, and it may be because of your roommate. To clarify, it’s your disrespectful roommate’s lack of cooperation in basic daily tasks (like washing the dishes & keeping the house clean) that’s you turning into hulk lately. Because living with a toxic roommate really makes you feel like a grumpy old man.

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4. A Toxic roommate will ignore you

They avoid you like the plague and dodge any scope of conversation with you. If you come home with a friend, they will ignore them too. It’s funny how you’re the one living with a toxic roommate, but they’re the one avoiding you.

If you walk into a room where they are stationed, your disrespectful roommate will just get up and walk into another. These extreme reactions might make you feel like you’re at fault (if it bothers you – try talking to them). If they hate confrontations- send them a text, but make sure to clear the air. But, if your roomi does this repeatedly, even after a discussion, then this, my friend, is a behavioral pattern – and it looks like you’re on the uncomfortable receiving end.

5. They make you feel bad about yourself

This is a classic trait of a toxic roommate because a toxic roommate will always pick on your insecurities and telling you how you need to work harder on yourself. But this doesn’t just end with your grades/academic life; they tend to quote instances from your personal life and comment on the way you look. Since no one ever teaches you how to deal with a toxic roommate, this can really affect your self-esteem. Friendships are made of friendly banter and a ton of leg-pulling, but your roomi takes it to another level, and you can tell that they are trying to pull you down. So listen to your instincts and ask them to back off.

6. They are trying to get fresh with your SO

Your toxic roommate knows that your boyfriend is coming over to chill with you, so she gets dressed to get their attention. Moreover, she will just throw herself between the two of you at any given opportunity. So forget privacy, there will be days she will be sliding into his DMs and calling him to chill with her. This is a big no-no and if your roomi is playing tricks like this on you, it’s time you lose her.

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