With the pandemic still a pressing issue in all of our lives, many of us have had to get creative with fun activities to do on the weekends after a long week of work.

Because of COVID-19 regulations and social distancing, the activities that we once loved to do on a night out are not possible now. Most bars and restaurants now have a curfew and some are closed altogether. But, don’t get discouraged! If you live with roommates, now is the perfect time to get creative and think of fun activities to do at home with your roommates for a fun-filled weekend.

Before you dismiss the idea that staying in on the weekends can’t be fun, check out this list of fun ideas for a night in with you and your roommates. Who knows, you may even create a few new weekend traditions with your roommates!

PowerPoint Night

This creative spin on creating PowerPoints has recently become a popular TikTok trend. Turn a boring PowerPoint into a laugh-out-loud game for you and your roommates with a PowerPoint night!

In order to participate, each of your roommates will choose a fun or funny topic to present a PowerPoint on. The topic can be anything you want; the sky’s the limit! However, everyone’s topic must be kept a secret until it’s time to present your PowerPoint.

If you’re stuck on what to do your presentation on, draw on your favorite celebs, movies, shows, or make your PowerPoints personal about you and your friends. Take turns presenting your PowerPoints and get ready to laugh out loud!

Game Night

Calling all gamers! Another great way to spend a night in with your roomies is to have a game night. Choose from board games such as Monopoly and Sorry, or card games such as Uno and Cards Against Humanity.

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Movie Night

A classic way to spend a night in with friends is to have a movie night. Grab your favorite set of PJs and some delicious snacks and have a chill night while watching your favorite movies. Make the night more fun by having each roomi pick their own movie to watch for the night.

Decide with your roommates on a movie theme for your movie night. Are you and your roommates rom-com lovers or horror film fanatics? Turn the night into a movie marathon and pick from your favorite genre. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Spa Night

Have you and your roommates had a long and tiring week? Pamper yourselves with a spa night-in. Plan your spa night ahead of time and buy your favorite spa accessories such as face masks, foot soaks, and hair masks. Kick your feet up, relax, and pour yourself a glass of rose with you and your roommates!

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Bake-Off Night

Show off your chef skills with a baking night in with your roommates! Have everyone choose their favorite recipe to make, such as gluten-free chocolate chip cookies or vegan cupcakes. Turn on some of your favorite music and bond with one another over baking! Not only is baking a great way to spend quality time with your roomies, but it’s delicious, too!