More gender-neutral housing options are gaining popularity to cater to a more inclusive group of accommodation seekers. With these welcome changes, it has become easier to find mixed-gender housing today. If you are looking for a safe space that is inclusive of all genders, gender-inclusive housing can be great! Here is all you need to know about all-gender housing and if it is the right choice for you.

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What is gender-neutral housing?

Gender-neutral housing or gender-inclusive housing is a type of accommodation that can be shared by residents of any gender. A lot of housing can be gender-specific (male/female) and can be challenging for those who do not fit into the gender binary. Therefore, neutral housing makes an inclusive option for non-binary renters. All-gender housing is great for those who may not feel comfortable or don’t prefer a same-gender-only accommodation.

Is Gender-Neutral housing only for LGBTQI+ residents?

No! Gender-neutral housing is for anyone who would like to live in a space that is not limited to one gender. If you are comfortable with mixed gender and inclusive space, you can consider gender-inclusive housing as an option! The whole goal is to provide a space for people who prefer a gender-neutral accommodation. This could be because you do not identify with the gender binary or a personal preference.

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Can I live with a romantic partner in gender-neutral housing?

Well, that’s complicated. While you technically can share gender-neutral housing with a romantic partner, it is generally discouraged. On one hand, you do have a right to privacy and can live with a romantic partner. However, this can be a problematic situation in many cases and be unpleasant for you and other residents. For instance, other residents may feel uncomfortable sharing their space with a romantically involved couple. On the other hand, live-in relationships can be a big step for a couple, and one that you may not be ready for.

Pros and cons of gender-neutral housing

There are probably more benefits to all-gender housing, especially if you prefer a mixed-gender space. However, here are some of the things to keep in mind to decide whether gender-neutral housing is right for you or not.


  • Inclusivity: Gender identity goes beyond the gender binary, and traditional accommodation can exclude many. Gender-neutral housing recognizes the complexity of all gender identities and provides a space for it.
  • Diversity: All-gender housing allows you to interact with a diverse group of people. This means you can learn about gender identities and expressions in an inclusive space. Interacting and living with a mixed group of different genders can help you gain new perspectives. Hence, you can gain deeper insights and grow as an individual.
  • Safe Space: An all gender housing can be a safe space for LGBTQI+ residents to discuss their opinions and issues. A more inclusive and accepting environment can make it easier to relate or be heard and understood. Being able to interact with your peers comfortably means this type of housing can be a safe space for non-binary residents.
  • No pressure! Some non-binary individuals may not identify with any particular gender or maybe still discovering their identity. Gender-neutral identity does not force you to state or disclose your gender. Hence, this option respects their privacy and gender identity.

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  • Cons:

    • Availability: Though increasing in popularity, not all Colleges or places have gender-inclusive housing options. Even in places where it is an option, the capacity of mixed-gender housing facilities can be limited. Hence, the availability of gender-neutral housing can be an issue with waiting lists for some.
    • Comfort-zone: Some people may not be comfortable with sharing spaces and living in close proximity with people of other genders. Having to live with people of other genders may not suit some people. In cases like this, you may be better off looking for same-gender accommodation instead.

    You should now have a better idea about mixed-gender housing and if it is right for you. If you feel that this is the right choice for you, Roomi can help you find gender-neutral housing. You can start your search by exploring Roomi to find non-binary roommates and spaces to rent!