Living with roommates has its pros and cons, but in times like these when you’re stuck inside, it is often easy to focus more on the cons. If you’re not exactly BFFs with your roomis, it can feel like a challenge to navigate this isolation period – especially when you have to implement novel social distancing measures in a place that feels smaller by the day. But self-quarantine with your roommate isn’t as difficult as it may seem in theory.

So now more than ever, there is a need to find the perfect roommate equation till our outside lives resume again.

Here’s our guide to be your best self while you self quarantine with your roommates:

Start by getting to know each other, of course.

When seeing so much of each other while housing in captivity, the best thing you to do is look at the situation in a more positive light. Instead of texting your friends about how hard it is to adjust, or how you wish you were quarantining with them instead, it is time to be friends with your roommate.

Play an ice-breaking game that urges you to confess one negative thing, followed by one positive thing about each other. In your free time, invite them to play board games you all enjoy. Crack open a beer and order some tacos, ask them about their lives, and tell them about yours.

Learn something new together!

If you and your roommate share different backgrounds, try learning parts of their language or cooking their favorite family dish. On the other hand, if you’re from the same cultural background, surely there are some things you never bothered to learn about them. Maybe you can finally try to understand what they do for a living!

Plan movie nights as you self quarantine with your roommate.

Take turns to pick out your favorite movie/series while you munch your way through packs of Doritos. You might discover there are more similarities than you thought. Wondering what to watch? Here are some of our favorite picks of 2020.

4. Respect each other’s privacy and give each other the gift of personal space.

The most crucial thing to keep any relationship healthy is to respect each other’s need to be alone. Make arrangements for the other person to know that they don’t want to be disturbed. Make a (friendly!) do not disturb sign or hang a sock at your doorknob. The more you respect each other, the easier it will be to be the perfect roommate!

5. Cleaning together when you self-quarantine with your roommate!

Self-quarantine with roommates can be anxiety-inducing for some, but don’t let those hygiene standards slip! Wash your hands frequently and if you suspect you might be ill, wear a mask when you’re around roommates. Don’t leave a mess after cooking, bathing, or snacking on the couch. Get rid of expired stuff in your pantry and it wouldn’t hurt you to open a window from time-to-time!

6. Keep the communication open with your roommate.

While it is always unhealthy, being passive-aggressive might have worked for you before. But right now, communication is key to being the perfect roommate. Keeping your problems to yourself right now can be devastating – building resentment and destroying your inner peace. Learn how to communicate with your roommates about how their habits affect you. If you’re not keen on confrontation, you could use texts to resolve conflicts.

7. Cut each other’s hair (if you’re both interested, of course)

Remember at the start of quarantine, when everyone was trying to cut their own hair? If you’re still waiting for your go-to salon to open, why not try it yourself! Let your roomi give you a fun makeover. Embrace the new look and indulge in a photoshoot!

If you’re living alone, or your roommate isn’t home for most of the day, check out these tips to make the most out of quarantine.

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