In a wold of anonymous twitter user names and spam bots there seems to be a growing sentiment on major platforms that users want some sort of validation that they are communicating with “real people”. Anonymity is valuable in certain circumstances but why is verification only reserved for famous people, if at all? Platforms that have offered verification tools at scale are having success because there is a growing thirst to for people to say “you can trust me because I am who I say I am!”

Nowhere is this more true on Roomi, where we’ve seen the number of users who voluntarily get verified and/or background checked steadily increase since launching the feature not too long ago. See the graph below for internal Roomi data on the number of users who purchased a verification product. In just the last 6 months we’ve seen an increase of 225% in the number of users purchasing ID verifications or background checks!

For some context, the amount of background checks that Roomi runs is a drop in the bucket for the overall industry. The Background Check Services industry is a $3.2B market growing at 4.8% per year!