They say the best kinds of friendships stick with you when life goes high, low and sideways. One of the most memorable (& platonic) coliving couples on screen are Monica and Rachel from Friends. They take one another through break ups, unemployment, weddings and even babies! In displaying their unwavering support for one another, they created ultimate #friendlshipgoals for everyone who ever has to share an apartment, living in NYC or elsewhere.

We took a little trip down memory lane, watched some of our favorite Monica-Rachel episodes (only for research, we swear!), and came up with five incredible lessons in friendship and co-living in NYC.

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You could find your coliving soulmate anywhere, at any moment!

Have you been worrying, wondering, and fervently browsing coliving apps to find the perfect roommate? Relax. At Roomi, we’ve seen that there is someone out there for everyone. Often, people find that special roomie to share an apartment within a snap. But at other times, it can take a minute. Hang in there.

Remember how Rachel waltzed into Monica’s life? She was soaking wet, still in her wedding dress, and run away from a wedding full of her own guests. Strange things happen. And we wish you as strange a meeting with your roommate so you’ll have a story to tell your grandkids!

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Support your roommate, even if the idea is a little out there

When you share an apartment, you’ll see that there are many different sides to a person. Not everyone is all good or all bad. All the best ones are always a little bit nuts. Every now and then, getting out of your comfort zone and trying a strange idea is a great way to bond with your coliving companion.

Whether it’s throwing an impromptu dress-up party, playing a game of twister or even, hosting two birthday parties because your roommate has parents who don’t get along!

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One of each kind can make a fine pair

Remember how everyone always hung out at Monica’s apartment? It’s probably because her fridge was always stocked, pillows always fluffed and her place was always neat! Everything has a place and everything is in its place.

However, only Rachel could actually put up with Monica’s drive to organize and clean. Whether you’re living in NYC or anywhere else, your coliving partner needs to complement your vibe. Like Rachel’s laidback attitude to cleaning and Monia’s compulsion for it. They worked like salt and pepper, like peanut butter and jelly, or breakfast for dinner. You wouldn’t think that they would work, but they just do.

Sometimes you need tough love

Living in NYC is expensive, even if you share an apartment and the rent that goes with it. But once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker, amirite? Surviving this city needs a bit of grit.

Sometimes you need a person who channels a little bit of Monica to give you the push you need. Remember how she got Rachel to cut up all her credit cards? Happily, Rachel went on to find a job, a dream, and eventually lived her dream working at Ralph Lauren. A little bit of tough love can go a long way!

She’ll always be there for you, even if it’s not your day, week, month or even your year!

2020 truly put roommate pairs to the test, didn’t it? From lockdowns, erratic work schedules, and the looming threat of the pandemic— it threw one obstacle after another at all of us living in NYC.

The best part about finding a friend in a coliving partner is that you get to have someone who’s got your back. It may take a little time to meet the right person to share an apartment with but when you do, you can even find family.