Roomi Guidelines

To help keep Roomi safe and trusted, we’ve developed these standards and guidelines. These are developed based on experiences and interactions with the existing Roomi community.

Intended Use

Roomi is a transactional peer-to-peer marketplace with the intention to help you find rooms and/or roommates. Rooms can be listed in exchange for monetary payment. You may not offer a part of your apartment or a room in exchange for chores, services, friendships or any other type of labor. You may not use Roomi with the intent to conduct any type of unlawful or unethical behavior, including, but not limited to; Prostitution, human trafficking, slave labor, extortion, scamming, fraudulent behavior, or other unlawful acts.


The goal for Roomi is to have a safe marketplace, with a zero tolerance policy towards what Roomi deems as unethical behavior, and any, classified by law as unlawful behavior. Conducting such behavior will result in being removed from the platform and reported to the appropriate authorities.


Roomi does not tolerate any type of discriminatory behavior. We do not accept bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or hate speech. We have respect for each other and behave in a friendly, respectful manner towards one another while using Roomi and the Roomi marketplace.

For detailed terms of use and policies, please visit our terms page at!