Tired of playing detective to track down who owes what for the electric bill? Or maybe you’re just over the endless back-and-forth about who’s covering the groceries this week? Well, fear not, because, in the digital age of 2024, there’s an app for everything – including splitting bills with your roommates!

Say goodbye to sticky notes and awkward conversations, and hello to seamless bill splitting with these four awesome apps. Let’s dive in and reclaim our sanity, one bill at a time!

Why do we need apps for splitting bills with roommates?

Splitting bills with roommates can be a challenge – or at the very least — unnecessarily time-consuming. Not to mention that it can be hard to see a situation clearly when you’re emotionally or financially invested — which is totally understandable. We’re all human.

Typically, when new roommates try to divide rent, they consider obvious inequalities, such as the size of the room and whether there’s a private bathroom. But this can lead to disagreements and arguments, and so these four apps to split bills with roommates have come to avoid that.

They offer solutions for everything, from tracking bills to dividing rent and other expenses fairly. Splitting bills with a roommate helps organize and track who’s paid what.

4 Apps To Split Bills With Roommates

We’re always on the lookout for apps and tools designed to help make life better. Whether they organize monthly housekeeping or automate the day-to-day chores. What about an app for tracking roommate expenses? 

Here are a few apps to use for splitting bills with roommates. Less stress on your plate and more time to enjoy your digs and explore your neighborhood — it’s a win-win. We’ll tell you what’s out there, you tell us what works for you!

1. Acasa

Acasa deals with bills and household management. It’s a unified platform where users can manage bills and split expenses among roommates. The app makes shared living simple without the back-and-forth of payments.

Source: acasa

Rather than paying your roommates back for every little thing (because that can be really tedious when late nights and dollar pizzas are a thing). This app for splitting bills with roommates promotes the idea of balancing payments for future needs against current debts.

With this app for tracking roommate expenses, you can track rent and everyday bills in the Spending Screen. This displays everyone’s standing in the house. You can see your payment history in this app for splitting bills with roommates. So, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve cleared an outstanding IOU. And it’s easy to see who should pay for the next communal expense.

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(It’s true — whose turn it is to buy small household goods like toilet paper has been known to cause roommate frustrations.) Acasa splits bills and then notifies the roommates to see when bills are due and who owes what. Acasa is available both for Android and Apple users.

2. Settle Up

Settle Up is a bill-splitting app that has peer-to-peer payments, automated payment reminders, and detailed transaction accounts. The app can pay bills directly from your bank account or by debit card. It can automate recurring expenses and uses the exchange rate from Yahoo if adding a transaction in a different currency.

Source: Settle Up

Settle Up is also integrated with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana which says who should pay out loud. To activate this, only tell the assistant, “Ask Settle Up who should pay.”

The bill-splitting app has group circles that show the balances in the group and it’s easy to disable any member who left the group for new transactions. Settle Up is downloadable through Google Play, App Store, or through the web.

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3. Splitwise

Splitwise does more than splitting bills with roommates. It integrates the intangibles that can often go overlooked when negotiating the true value of any particular room. For example, do you have to walk further to the bathroom? Everyone gets a say, and then the calculator decides what’s fair.

Source: Splitwise

If you’ve already got that rent squared away, you can continue to use the app for splitting monthly shared expenses. Such as the electricity or gas bills, wifi, or shared grocery expenses. Or if you dine out and forget your wallet, you can use this app for tracking roommate expenses, split bill and send an IOU right at the table. The app will send gentle email reminders to your friends or family.

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Splitwise uses PayPal and Venmo to settle the payments, so be sure to check on their fees per service prior to using the app.

4. Tab

Tab is a simple app to split bills with roommates equipped with automated payment reminders. It has a split bill calculator for users to pay their share with their linked bank accounts or debit cards.

Source: Tab

To use the bill-splitting tool, you just have to sign in, take a photo of the receipt, then Tab will generate a code to allow other users to ‘Join Bill’ and pay their share. Tab also allows using Venmo to pay what you owe.

Bill Splitting Apps: The Verdict

Wrapping it up, splitting bills with roomies doesn’t have to be a headache in 2024. With these awesome apps at your fingertips, you can kiss those awkward conversations and spreadsheet headaches goodbye.

Whether you’re divvying up rent, utilities, groceries, or even weekend pizza orders, there’s an app tailored to make your life easier. Additionally, if you’re looking for someone to share your bills with, use Roomi! It’s a room and roommate finder with listings, verified users, and a variety of filters that can make your search easier.

Source: Roomi

Roomi also takes the privacy of its users seriously by using GlobaliD to keep sensitive information secure, ID verification, and background checks to prevent fraud and scams in the app. There’s also a built-in messaging feature for added security when communicating.

So, say hello to stress-free bill splitting and goodbye to the roommate drama! Cheers to smooth sailing and happy cohabiting!

Track Expenses With Your Roommate From Roomi.