We are all well too familiar with lazy days when all we want to do is chill, read a book, or watch movies. Takeaways can be great (also unhealthy and expensive) on lazy days when the thought of cooking sounds like a royal pain in the butt. And of course, no one wants a PB&J on a lazy day. (Where’s my lazy meals fam at?) So before you go grab your phone to call for pizza, here are some lazy day cooking recipes that you can cook in a jiffy while still enjoying your lazy day!

Beef & Broccoli Bowl

How do most of us end up craving Chinese on a lazy day? Ditch the takeouts and stir fry this delicious and healthy Beef & Broccoli Bowl at home! Thin pieces of juicy beef with crunchy broccoli served over a bed of rice do sound appealing on a lazy day, don’t they? Try it now, and let us know how much you loved it in the comments below!

Credits: www.lifemadesweeter.com

Mozzarella Tomato & Basil Pesto Chicken

This recipe is the king of all lazy day cooking recipes. Imagine a 3-minute prep time and 30 mins of oven time, which also means 30 mins of lazing or Netflixing without having to worry about dinner. Sounds pretty cool, right? Get the entire recipe here!

Credits: www.myfussyeater.com

Alfredo Pasta

Craving something Italian and comforting on a lazy day? How about pasta? You will honestly feel like Flash while preparing this Alfredo Pasta recipe because your dish will be ready in 15mins! How crazy is that? Here’s the link to an easy, speedy, comforting, and super creamy Alfredo Pasta. This is an absolute banger of a lazy meal.

Credits: www.cravinghomecooked.com


Salsa is the most versatile out of all dips. Not only can it be used as a dip or spread, but it can also be added to your fried rice for that extra zing. While there are many options available at the supermarket, you can always count on homemade salsa to be healthier and more delicious. We have a super amazing Salsa recipe that you can modify as per your spice liking. You can also store this in your refrigerator for up to a week. That sounds like a functional lazy day meal to me.

Credits: www.inspiredtaste.net

Instant Ramen Bowl

Who doesn’t like instant ramen?? They are easy to make, tasty, and surprisingly filling. If you’re planning to make instant noodles for dinner, ditch the traditional boring way and add more flavor (you will definitely thank us for this upgrade). This recipe lets you make a legit ramen bowl with minimal ingredients. This is a lazy day cooking recipe, that will make you wonder if you’re a culinary genius. Believe us.

Credits: www.budgetbytes.com

Fried Rice

So you think you can make fried rice like a pro? Bet you didn’t know that to make fried rice, it’s best to use cold rice!? Anywaayyy, here’s a recipe to quick fried rice that you will be making time and again. Lazy meals as delicious as this one should leave you scraping the bottom of the pan.

Credits: Gimmesomeoven


Do you have some pitta bread lying around in your pantry? If yes, this hummus recipe will calm all your snack urges quite deliciously. It’s super easy to make and definitely beats all the store-bought tubs of hummus. This is quite frankly as lazy as your lazy meals can get. Unless of course, you were out here looking for ‘How To Make Toast’.

Creamy & loaded with olive oil. YUM! Get your hands on the full recipe here.

Credits: www.inspiredtaste.net

Fried Chicken

The last delicious item on our lazy cooking list is fried chicken! This is an ultimate favorite dish, especially when you and your roommate are having a movie night. Delve into this super easy and super delicious Fried Crispy Chicken recipe.

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