To find roommates in Washington with similar political interests is not possible. Let’s say, one of your roommates is spending his time rooting for Donald Trump. You’re glad the other feels the need to satiate her artsy side. Moreover, she wants to get away from the political noise with you. But where to start on the common ground? We’ve got you! Here are four non-political spots roommates in Washington will love to explore.

So, you’ve pledged your allegiance to a political candidate, followed the debates and made your obligatory visits to the White House and Washington Monument. Now that America’s political hub is your new home , you’ve committed to fulfilling your duties as model roommates in Washington. But despite going through the motions, you’re not into politics as much as you hoped. Sure, you’ll discuss the topic in passing, but at the end of the day, you’d rather spend your time at art galleries, open mic nights, and every Smithsonian museum for the hundredth time. Hillary Clinton’s in town? That’s neat, but you’d rather go to that Walt Whitman reading on Friday. In a city saturated with politicians, lobbyists, and activists, roommates in Washington wonder how to survive and thrive in D.C.

4 Non-Political Spots Roommates in Washington Will Love

1. The Mansion On O Street

Perfect for: The thrill-seeking roommates in Washington

If the idea of hidden rooms, secret passageways, and treasure hunts evokes a sense of excitement and thrills from within, the Mansion On O Street tours are a perfect day activity for roommates in Washington to enjoy. With over 20,000 books, pieces of artwork and other donated items, this museum-meets-brunch hotspot is like a mix of Narnia and Wonderland for the creative soul. The best part? You can even buy some of the items you see on display! Searching for concealed doors and wandering through several dozen rooms, you’ll have the chance to bond with your roommate all whilst testing your sleuthing abilities.

2. Washington Psychotronic Film Society

Perfect for: The indie-film buff roommates in Washington

There’s really nothing better than a movie date, but when you’ve already seen every film out in mainstream cinemas, you’ll want to take a chance on the Washington Psychotronic Film Society. Free to attend for those 21 and over non-profit organization screens old-school. Also, independent films from the Psychotronic genre. In other words, “just about everything except the Norm,” according to the film society’s website. A fresh breath of air from all those blockbuster hits, the films at the WPFS will make for intriguing conversation when you’re networking your way through the city.

3. Rock & Roll Hotel (recommended for roommates in Washington)

Perfect for: The rock n’ rollin’ roommates

You won’t have a problem to find roommates in Washington who love to rock out. D.C.’s Rock & Roll Hotel is not actually a hotel — it’s an awesome music venue with a rooftop deck, concert hall and lounge. Similarly, notable artists like Rooney, Big D & the Kids Table, and American Authors pass through. Thus, this popular location never fails to draw a crowd with its impressive lineup of rock and indie bands from around the globe.

4. Poetry Reading at the Library of Congress

Perfect for: The spoken word enthusiast roommates in Washington

The Library of Congress is such an iconic building in D.C. that the first thought on your mind might be, “Been there, done that.” But what if you could hear some of your favorite poems and literature come to life? Moreover, topped with a reading or a discussion of an author’s works? From a dialogue on Asian American literature today to the translations of celebrated female Uruguayan poets, many of these diverse events are free and open to the public. Grab some coffee with your roommate and get your creative juices flowing in one of the most inspiring landmarks in town.

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