Welcome to your quarantine birthday month. This is that dreaded time of the year where you’re going to probably have dreams of planning a birthday celebration. Until you wake up to a very different reality. Things are surely different but different doesn’t mean boring. Not in our dictionary at least! There’s a bunch of birthday celebration ideas that can make your quarantine birthday a hit.

So, get your will, and we’re here to show you the way!

Let’s take a look at a few quarantine birthday ideas for you:

Let’s get the most obvious birthday celebration idea out of the way first — Host a virtual party! Sure, why not!

Yeah, we’re honestly just getting this one out of the way. We are in no way implying that this is a bad idea though. People did all sorts of things virtually in 2020. And if weddings could be pulled off, this one’s surely no biggie!

Some of the coolest birthday celebration ideas involve staying indoors, and we’re definitely not complaining! And most of all, it should not stop you from having fun. It just means you can have an excellent quarantine birthday in the virtual world.

Go all out with some of our favorite ideas. Send an elegant invitation. Plan your own surprise party – and act surprised! Take full liberty in going crazier than usual. You can think of drinking games, sing, and dance, all with your closest friends, family, and roomis. The virtual possibilities are endless, so make it a good one!

Eat whatever you want, and don’t forget the cake! ?

No birthday is complete without a proper cake. Unless of course, you’re one of those people who don’t like cake. (Don’t worry, we’re trying our best to not judge).

But think about it, fewer birthday celebration ideas sound as cool as a quarantine cake.

Come up with something as fun as this cake by Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe!

You could either nudge your friends to send you one, (with a very subtle request, if you’re not that forthcoming.) Or you could make your own cake!

Either way, if the cake is a birthday priority for you, then just remember that no one’s stopping you from going all out.

Spend your quarantine birthday stargazing with the Hubble Telescope!

When you’re stuck in, what better way is there to wonder about life and who we are (a proud couch potato) and where we are (at home, obviously!) and why we’re here (a scary virus is out there to get us!) than to stargaze and lose yourself in the beauty of the universe?

Don’t worry about the city lights dimming your view on your quarantine birthday. The Hubble telescope observes the universe 24×7, 365 days a year, so there’s some faraway galaxy that was discovered on the cosmic map on your birth date too!

Plan a movie marathon with the Netflix party extension:

If you’re not the drinking and partying kind, you could opt for a movie marathon with friends instead!

  • Invite your closest friends who won’t say no (because it’s YOUR day)
  • Pick a favorite movie (because it’s YOUR day) and get on with your quarantine birthday celebration!

Our best birthday celebration idea: sing and dance like nobody’s watching!

Embrace your freedom in solitude and dance naked like no one’s watching. Also, because no one is!

Although, for those living with roomis, remember to lock your door before you proceed to do this to ensure you don’t spend the rest of your quarantine shying away from them!

Take a well-deserved break:

Make sure there is nothing pending at work so you can take the day off on your birthday. Switch off from work notifications and spend the day doing what you like to do, or nothing at all (if that is what you want to do). Even those who feel like a birthday is just like every other day – in times like these – you deserve a special day that you can truly call yours!

Roomis! Get each other’s back:

If it’s not your birthday and a roommate’s instead, try to make their day special by understanding them better. You’re all they have right now and vice versa. Bonus: You get cake and a gift that all roommates could use!

Know someone whose birthday is coming? Share these quarantine birthday ideas with them!

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