Many of us never get the chance to reap the benefits of making art, because we think we aren’t artists. This has become even more apparent for a lot of us who are stuck at home all the time with no confidence to make quarantine art. But maybe, that can change. Maybe there are some quarantine activities that you can take up to satisfy your inner artist.

“Art, in its simplest terms, is just a way to force a new perspective onto something familiar.”

says Ana Lily Amirpour, while riding a bike in a mask, in a world succumbed to quarantine measures in ‘Ride it Out’ – one of the short films from Netflix’s ‘Homemade.’ So, if art is simply seeing familiar things in a new light, now is the perfect time to make art without thinking about what it is that we’re making.

A variation from typing, scrolling, and being glued to our screens, taking up different quarantine activities will help counter stress, restlessness, and give your hands a much needed new purpose.

Here are some of our quarantine activities that will help unleash the artist in you:

1. One of the easiest quarantine activities: Varnish

It sounds simple because it is! Add shine to your old wooden furniture, pots, and vases with a sleek coat of varnish. With a brush in hand and your chosen object to varnish, you can get lost in the intricacies of the things you own. It’s one of the more unique quarantine activities but it’s so fun! Plus, the act of varnishing might inspire you to pick up some paints and make a piece of quarantine art that you could then varnish later!

2. Fashionable quarantine activity: Repurpose old clothes

If you’ve cleaned your cupboard in quarantine (if you haven’t, maybe you should get to it. There’s another quarantine activity!), you might have discovered some clothes that you never really wear, but hold onto for the sentimental value.

If you’ve decided not to give them away, you could repurpose them for your next quarantine art project! It’s extremely fun! So, pick up some glue or stitch some of your favorite pieces to the t-shirts that look kinda dull now. You could take a plain t-shirt and paint or embroider patterns onto it. Or maybe make upcycled doormats with old pieces of cloth. What about a hairband? The only limit to your imagination is the end of your cupboard!

3. Nostalgic quarantine activity: repurposing old books, magazines, newspapers

When there’s nowhere else to travel but in and out of rooms, you might have come across old books, magazines, newspapers, love letters, notes from class, or doodles from when you were bored at a work meeting. Use them for your weekend quarantine art project! For example, you can give them a new purpose and make zines out of them. Or cut out any bits and pieces you like and tell your own story. Check out Austin Kleon for inspiration. This is one of those quarantine activities that will take you back in time!

Credit: Austin Kleon

4. Make mandalas

Make use of your geometry set from school and let nostalgia kick in while you hold your tools. Pick a good tutorial or make one from imagination. Apart from being beautiful, mandalas will help you gain a new perspective on the repetition that is life, especially in quarantine, where you can’t tell one day from the other.

5. Try painting

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Vincent van Gogh

So, go silence that voice and paint your heart out. Let no one – not even yourself- judge what you make. Don’t worry about techniques or imperfections. That’s not what quarantine art is about. Just express yourself, and whatever you create will be beautiful. If you live with a roomi, you could get your hands dirty and paint a wall (if it doesn’t affect your rental agreement!). Who said changing your home decore can’t be one of your quarantine activities!

6. Imagine

With reduced social contact, it’s natural to daydream and imagine yourself in made-up scenarios. Instead of trying to stop yourself, let your imagination run wild! Write down bits you like on a piece of paper.

What if authors were judged themselves for daydreaming? Then we would never have books! So head to your dreamland and unleash the dreamer within!

7. Talk to yourself

You might already be doing this while you spend all day by yourself. But maybe there’s the interfering voice in your head asking: ‘Am I losing it?’ You’re not! Studies show that talking to yourself is beneficial and can help you get motivated to do what you need to do. So, next time you find yourself talking to yourself, don’t be embarrassed!

8. Keep a Journal

Self doubts keeping you awake till 3 am? You can use that time for one of the most important quarantine activities- journaling. Quit using your phone, and journal instead. Writing your thoughts down at the end of the day will help you come to terms with your unconscious doubts and fears that you might be repressing otherwise. Once you pour it all out in your journal, you will sleep like a baby!

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