Summer in NYC brings to mind catching the night view of Manhattan from the park, heading to bars and clubs with your friends, and going to outdoor concerts. But the idea of getting hot and sweaty when it’s 90 degrees and humid is less than thrilling. There’s a lot of great gyms in NYC. But not all of them fit a millennial’s budget. That’s where we come in! Here is a list of cheap gyms in NYC that you need now!

So you and your roommate should check out this handy list of the cheap gyms in NYC, where only the best affordable choices made the cut. They’re a great way to stay (or get) in shape, meet cool new people, have fun, and let someone else pay the AC bill for once.

Blink Fitness

With no shortage of locations across New York City, there’s bound to be a Blink near you. This isn’t a place to lift a gazillion pounds, slam it down on the ground, then run a celebratory lap around the gym on your knuckles while hooting like an over-caffeinated gorilla. Blink Fitness puts feeling good at the top of the priority list.

Everything is focused on building and supporting a more positive mood. Even the colors on the walls have been scientifically proven to improve your mood. Rates are as low as $15 a month with no long term commitment, though several other options are also available. The personal trainer rates are super reasonable too with 30 minute sessions as low as $27.

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour has three locations in New York City. Midtown, Soho, and Madison Square Park. 24 Hour has different gym “levels,” each with different amenities. All NYC locations are Ultra Sport gyms. Midtown and Madison both have free Wi-Fi, but only the midtown location has an indoor pool.

They are one of the cheap gyms in NYC offering classes, personal training, and access to popular workout equipment such as TRX suspension systems. If you’ve never tried TRX, it’s sort of like gymnast rings but more adjustable. There’s a ton of different workouts you can do if weights aren’t your thing. But if they are, then they’ve got no shortage of those too.

24 hour fitness offers a flexible approach to working out. If you want to go all in and be intense, they’ve got the tools for that. If you’d prefer to take it easy and go one step at a time, they welcome that too.

One of the personalized gyms in NYC: NYSC Lab

At the high end of affordable is NYSC Lab. They offer a more individualized approach to exercise and higher-end equipment than the other two, hence the heftier price tag. Expect to spend some time talking about your fitness goals, sports, hopes and dreams with the staff.

They can help you build a training program around a particular activity or attribute, such as tennis or stamina. They have locations in Chelsea and Upper East Side. $199 gets you unlimited classes per month, or you can grab a five pack of classes for $150, or single sessions starting from $20 if you’re a member, $32 a class if you’re not.

One of the recommended cheap gyms in NYC: Shape Up NYC

Totally, absolutely, wonderfully free. You don’t even have to be a member of a rec center to take advantage of Shape Up NYC’s various classes. The opportunity to participate in yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and others abound all over the five boroughs.

Summer is hot and sweaty, but don’t let that turn you into a couch potato. Grab your roommate and friends then check these cheap gyms in NYC (free in this case!) options to stay in summer shape.

What’s your favorite gym or workout spot in NYC? Post your comments below.

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