Fashion is an industry that runs on change – with new trends, styles, and ranges being offered every season. The health crisis we’re facing now is expected to lead to changes in fashion – just like the 1918 flu pandemic, the Great Depression and the Second World War caused massive social, financial, and fashion upheaval. If you watch closely, you can already see fashion trends of 2021 taking shape right now.

Today’s fashion must-haves have been redefined by the wearers themselves due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than by fashion designers. Many people are working from home in pajamas and sweatpants, with shoes and makeup becoming a thing of the past. And now, before you leave the house, you have to check for your wallet, keys …and your face mask, which is all part of the ‘new normal’.

At a time when it’s more important than ever to remain indoors and work from home wherever possible, it’s also imperative to create joy wherever and however you can.

Look out for these trends and go-to pieces and don’t let the pandemic dull your sparkle!

1. Eco-friendly fashion trends: Shop local

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is trying to reinvent itself as something more sustainable. This presents a big opportunity for local brands, as there has been a significant rise in demand for local products, with consumers more aware of the issues with the fast fashion industry and the damage it has had on the environment.

The rise of local brands and the decline of fast fashion indicates that a focus on sustainable lifestyles will also be part of upcoming fashion trends. So checking out sustainable and planet-friendly brands, both online and within your community, or trying out a new online thrift store is a good start to not only find some very unique pieces but also contribute towards the growth.

2. Pandemic fashion trends: Masks

DIY and designer masks of different materials, filled with quirky patterns, floral embroidery, prints, and colors are the latest addition to fashion accessories.

3. Don’t forget the feet!

In this quarantine season where comfort comes first, sliders, crocs, and flip-flops have taken center stage and are now the footwear of choice for fashionistas everywhere. Because you can wear them indoors or outdoors, it’s fantastic for the times we’re living in!

4. Cocooning comes first

Why bother with jeans or suit pants while working from home? Because Leggings are the way to go! And they are here to stay. Due to quarantine, they are predicted to stay around the the next summer season. Aren’t you so excited for 2021 fashion trends?! Consumers are looking for clothes that are practical and high quality, in soft, comfortable materials.

The popularity of track pants is rising, and they appear to be the biggest fashion trend at the moment.

Other classic comfort pieces are trending, as well. Sweat-shorts, for example, are a new trend we’re seeing everywhere. So are lounge pieces in neutral colors, such as greys and soft pastels.

Today’s cocooning trend also includes puffer vests to wear indoors, alongside track pants, sweat-shorts and hoodies.

Looking sharp and stylish, but feeling comfy? That’s something we’re on board with.

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